Coming Home From School

I was coming home from High School, and the parents weren't home?  And I, wanted to do something different that day, and I decided to s*** my pants while I was in the bath tub, I hadn't filled the tub up with water, yet till I peed in my pants, and let the load excape from my a**.  This was a large load, too!  I hadn't pooped, and seems like for about  week.  And when I cannot poop for that long, well, let's just say, I am misaberable, and angry.  Well, i get down inside of the tub, and release the waterfall in my pants, and both came out about the same time, and the worst part of it was crackling, and it felt like the front of my pants, were going to split at the zipper, then that's when I started to fill the tub with water, because of the burning of my a**hole, and the straining I had to do to get it all out of me.  i set there massaging the front of my pants till I spilled the spoils of myself in my jeans. and I had pass out from the extreme excitiment, and the poop, and shooting a load of c**.  I woke up, and I had about 39 minutes before my parents came home...................

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 21, 2010