What Does It Happens?

          Now I’m feeling the need to go. I’m seated here, at the lap-top… doing my job. I have a lot of work… and I need to go… badly, desperate… I’m alone, nobody at home now.

Bloody Hell! I need to go now! But I’m working. Both can’t wait. How do I solve the problem? I thought, first option, go to the bathroom and do it properly, it means, stop my job and go...; second option, hang on till I finish the job, then go to the bath and do it properly, it means, work with the uncomforted felling of needing to do the thing; third option, do it here, sitting, messing my pants. Then, my stomach begins to rumble. A warm sensation descends to my pelvis zone… I can’t define well, but it feels good.

Now I notice… the feeling is without suspicion that: I start the process to **** my pants. The poop is coming out, warm on my ***. Then it is spreading all my back, squashing slowly... and in one hit, all the crap comes out and fills my underwear, and comes out of it, feeling it on my legs... oops, now a new warm sensation... I am peeing myself, badly. I need a change now... but no, first enjoy the **** on my ***... and finish the job. Cool!

Pooedgay Pooedgay
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

if you enjoy it dont stop doing it.

Good that you got your priorities right!