These Things Do Happen

O, yes...! These things happen. I went in my pants since I was 12 years old; sometimes poop, sometimes pee, sometimes both. Since then, I grew up with this habit thinking that I was a case... although I told a friend about this habit, each time I did it I have this kind of bizarre feeling of fear to be found doing this... two or three times my mom found a pair of dirty briefs on the trash or guarded on the closet. Those times were so embarrassing... she asked me if I was in trouble or if I needed to go to the physician... with these experiences I learn to be more and more cautious. Become myself a master of disguise and a master to do it behind doors... With this friend that knew about my behaviour was a chance to do it in front of somebody... even in his company I began doing it in public. Now, counting these two guys I told you in my last post, there are four that know about my “weird behaviour”: William, Edward, Bern and Joe (in Spanish: Guillermo, Eduardo, Bernardo y José).

Then, one year ago I find in YouTube some videos about people messing his briefs or his pants... it was great, because I knew that I wasn’t the only one doing it. Since then I collect some videos of that. About two or three months I discovered “Experiences Project” and these pages with these experiences finding people like me. Since then I crap my pants more often. Even three or four times a week. I take courage to film myself messing my pants. Then, see me crapping my pants is a new experience... I found too this page called “male pants pooping” and that gives me the opportunity to know and share this with others. It is so great.

So: these things happen... there are people like me that like crap, ****, mess, pee his pants... but we don’t have all the things we want: I mean, that all the people I meet in those webs are from other countries and no found none from mine... pity!

I like to share this with you, pals, so don’t broke this... and let share more of this experience...

By the way, I dare to advance one more step: my real name is Alfonso. I’m Mexican, 36 years old. My nick name here is Pooedgay (in Spanish means; gay cagado). I’m a university teacher (human sciences) and writer (and gay, single, by the way). My writer’s pseudonym is Îstvän Êäldhèlm Sêrënthá D’Ôbïòls. I use to write gay stories, short novel and poems. Also I write some articles for the university magazine about my studying area, all in Spanish, of course. Now I essaying to write this kind of stories and in English... so don’t despair and be patient... here in Mexico, it is difficult to practice English, even write in English... if you want to e-mail me, I open this mail for you, mates:; and if any of you know someone of my country, please, just tell me. And if any one come to my land, please, don’t doubt to contact me, I’ll be glad to show you my land... and maybe poop with...

Oops! Writing this I crap my pants a lot... on bed... I’ve to change clothes... bye!

Pooedgay Pooedgay
36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

so do i

Its always good to meet a fellow pants pooper.