Another Messy Diaper Story

One of the things I like most, is to be in bed ready to get aslept, and feel the urge to pee, and thing, how good that I wear a diaper and doestn't have to stand up and go to the toilet to don't wet the bed. It felt really good to wet my diaper yesterday, at late night in bed. When I woke up this morning I had to pe.e. again and as ussually, I did it in my diaper, still in bed. Minutes later I had the need to poop, then I got the good position to do it, and pooped in my diaper, and covered again with the bedsheets and was in bed for an hour more. My girlfriend, who every morning smokes a joint before going to do her obligations, shared the joint with me, it was just after I pooped my diaper (she was in the badroom and didn't saw me do it), so I continued semi-sleeped or dreaming awake for about one hour more in bed after she left home. Then I had to pee again, but I reallized I was owerflowing and the sheets was going to be wet, so I standed up, and finally pe.ed in my diaper again. I was wearing a panty with a bit leg, so it retained the pe.e to flow down my legs. It was really soaked. I sat down on a chair with a protector on it, opened my wery wet and messy diaper, and tried to get hard to, but I couldn't, so I got staight away to get a clean diaper and change. I was a bit frustrated because I could not, so I did not clen me and put the clean diaper on my pessy and pe.e smelling skin. And right now I'm writing down this experience, sitting with my changed diaper. It is still dry, but I will dring a can of beer I have in the fridge, and lets see what happens. I dont know to go out of home to the street do do a small walk around or stay in home. I usually don't care about if Im wearing a diaper under my shorts or throusers when out of home, but to be smelling like he has pooped himself is not so nice; I have had some experiences that the people around me smelled it and did bad comments on me or similar rthings. People dont accept other when they smell poopy. But lets see, perhaps I go to the minimarket at the corner to buy some chips.
diaperuser71 diaperuser71
36-40, M
Nov 26, 2012