I Pooed Myself On The School Bus On The Way To School

The first time I ever pooed myself at school was actually, oneday on the way to school, on the school bus, when I was about 5. It happened because I had no other choice but to wait until we got to school to use the loo. I tried really hard to hold it until then even though it didn't always work out. I was like totally embarrassed. But unfortunately, when I got to school, the boys loo was momentarily out of service. Thankfully there were these two girls I knew well both in my class and on my bus. Their names were savannah and sarah. They were about 6 or 7 years old. They were heading to the loo themselves and brought to my attention that they noticed on the way to school that I was abit stinky and had pooed myself and that since the girls' loo was still in service and there was nobody else looking they offered to let me use the girls' loo for the time being since I had no other choice.

These two girls also worked in a group of like 3 with me alot on school work and whatnot. so we helped each other with class assignments, homework, etc. quite often. These girls were both pretty, cute and intellegent and they mentioned to me on that first day that I had pooed myself on the way to school that they sometimes poo themselves on accident as well. And so I was relieved to know that I was not alone on the subject. They were the only friends I really ever had in elementary school. They were the only other kids at school I ever had anything in common with. But that was fine by me in since I Iiked them so much because they were both Intellegent, cute, pretty and stinky. Every other kid I went to school with avoided us.   
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I too pooped myself on the school bus once, butt it was on the way home. I was 15. Honestly, I just want to know what it felt like to poop my pants. I was kinda seeing this one girl from my class and she'd done it a few times. Once or twice at school. She said it increases sexual response. I tried it and liked it. She and I even pooped our pants together a few times. It did seem to make sex better.


The worst punishment I ever recieved for it at school, was as I mentioned above, being avoided by most other kids.

No, not really.