I Sometimes Wet & Mess In Bed

i try very hard not have acciddents in my diapers yes iwear diapers i'm a 18year old male who can't control his  bladder  & bowels for the most part i wish i could but i can't been to numerous doctors had been told a number of no two can come up with the thing and nothing works and thi is why why parents are the way they are about it first of all i'm forced diaper by my mother it 's not the diaper that bothers me it's the fact that she insits that she dose it she says as long as i wet & mess myself like a baby then she will change like 1 and should not be embarrassed  be cause i'm not embarrassed enough to stop my father still uses the belt on my bare botom annd dosent matter who there at time i been change and spanked in front my sissters cousins every body knows what i would have much prefered to keep ascret thou i have to admit to wake up wet and dirty feels good untill comes along and checks me

18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Stupid doctor! Of course you felt better. Everyone does when their bladder is full and they release urine. There is this thing called pain that we feel when the bladder gets full enough.<br />
<br />
The doctor was going on what he thought the problem was, not on any diagnosis.

I've been all though this since i been 12 yrs old i tried having the school,doctors ,counslers a evey body and anybody even went as far as to call the police a year ago do no good .back some 5 yrs ago one of doctors they had me to had me drink water and hold it until i could'nt any more and i let lose he that feels better now letting it out i said yes so he told my parents that i enjoyed wetting rather than hold it till go to the bathroom so there for they belive i'm being lazy.moving out right now is not a option but i'm working towards that goal thanks for your support sometimes just to vent fells good again thanks