So today we a good day for eatting. I went to mike donalds and got 2 big macs and some frys. Then for dinner i went to kfc and got chicken and a big thing of milk. I was having stomach pains but i though it was from being so full. I was walking home he the erdge came over me. I had to poo Now.

I walked faster. I dont like to crap in public. I Had to go SOOOOOOO bad now! I started to run up the hall to get to my hotel room. I sprinted to the bath room and closed the door. I desperetly put the toliet seat down and pulled down my pants. Being the pervert that i am i ware panties and i couldn't get the down in time. It shot out of me like a rocket. i sad down and shat myself for a good min or so before it stoped. My panties are wet with shat and the buldge was so big its hung down into the toilet.

It felt good though. I keept it in my pants and walked around my room for a bit. Then my gf came home. She saw me with my shat filled panties and was happy to see me. She took a load in her diaper (She's trying to loss her blatter and bm) and then we cleaned up together in the show.

I'd have to say it was a good day.

theohelboy theohelboy
Dec 14, 2009