Diapering Chapter 1 (made-up)

"I'm sick of you peeing and pooping your pants Baylee!" Mom screamed at me. She was folding the dirty laundry and saw a poopy stain on my undies. She shook her head and said ," I'll be right back!" She yelled to me, walking out the door.

I walked to my room, wanting to change my poopy pants. I opened my underwear drawer and nothing was in there. My mom had thrown my underwear away! I put on a pair of uncomfortable shorts and watched TV.

My mom walked in with a package that said "Pampers" on it. "Hi my wittle (little) baby! Let's gwet (get) the wittle baby changie-wangied!" My mom said, talking in a baby's voice. "Umm...mom? What's up with you?" I asked. "From now on you'll call me mommy!" She said.

"Uh..mommy? What are you doing?" I asked my mom as she turned me around on the couch, so that my butt was facing her.

She slipped off my shorts. I blushed a little. She picked up my legs, then slipped a diaper on me. She put some diaper/baby powder on too.

I stood up. The diaper made a 'crunch' when I walked. "You will not mess anywhere else then your nappy." She said sternly to me. "Uhh...Ok?" I blushed.

About two hours of watching TV in my room, I felt the urge to defecate. I rushed downstairs and told my mom. "You have a nappy on, go in that." She said to me. I shrugged and walked back up to my room.

The pressure soon became unbearable. I HAD to poop in the diaper, because if I took off the diaper and poo-poo in the potty, mommy would spank me. I let go; the poop flooded out like a landslide. That actually felt pretty good. I sat down and squashed it around a bit, some leaked out.

My mother walked in and said "Dinner's ready!" She then spotted my poopy diaper. "Does someone need a changie wangie?" She asked me. I allowed her to change my poop, and she put some diaper cream on, too.

Keep a look-out for Chapter 2! See you later! Stay diapered! 

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Enjoyed the first part.