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Purposly Pooping In Your Pants

I like pooping in my pants on purpose. I like the warm feeling. If there is anyone else that poops in there pants on purpose please leave me a comment saying that you poop in your pants on purpose or send me a message.

benjamin16 benjamin16 18-21, M 64 Responses Dec 11, 2008

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I always poop myself. I love the squishy feeling in between my legs.

I poop my pants all the time

Yes. I'll lay down and get some out little by little

I do it. Got poop in my pants right now

I want a girl to **** her pants next to me or do girls not get turned on by this.

I love it I just started today

**** for me pls

I love to poo my pants, sometimes it feels so good that it makes me cumm. I really have to poop right now...

I don't wear diapers just briefs & sometimes put speedos on top to stop leakage it just oozes forwards as i am sat on settee & even get it bulging up front

I have wet and pooped my pants as often as I could since I was about 8 yrs old. Never had diapers as a child, jst did my business in my jockeys, always explaining it to b an accident.....I wet my jeans many times while grocery shopping but I had never pooped my pants while shopping until today....I always wear goodnights 2/7 just in case and most of the time I'm wet. But I ran out and so about noon I headed to Walmart with tight skinny jeans to restock. When arrived it was lunch time so I went to McDonalds for hamburger fries and a shake. After eating and visiting with couple of friends I went to get some toiletries, food and a couple pkgs of Goodnights. Went to checout and all the lines ad several people...I picked one and began to wait my turn, not thinking there might be a problem. he 2nd person in front of me has a problem andthey call for the manager and a price check. Just standing there proved to be a problem for me, I had not had a BM yet and the lunch with milk shake was starting to work and I didn't even have a diaper on. With everything crossed I tried to focus on the magazines but that didn't last long so I thought if I just let a little gas pass it would be OK, but the pressure was too much and out it came both the poop an the pee soaking my jeans leaving a puddle on the floor, a mound in the back and a odor to attract everybodys attention. What could I do but pay for my purchases and proudly walk out to my car with the poop gently weaving its way through my crutch...

i felt i had to go so i removed my trousers 7 put plastic sheet under me then carried on with computer it feels so good to slowly push & feel it move between my legs & up front i am doing it now my B.... Are feeling the warmth & its still coming

I watch my anus push the poop out

Yeah i like ******** my pants aswell.the best bit is probably when it all squashes together and then it falls out of ya pants and also why does my arse hole hurt after.

GROSS!!!!!!!!!! why would u do that nasty

Also because the group is called "I Poop In My Pants" so I wouldn't be surprised if the people who come here are people like me and Mells who ******* poop in our ******* pants. If anyone thinks that's gross for some reason, I'm having a hard time figuring out why they would ever want to read things here, let alone comment on them. Oh Mells, you should have seen my pants today, I wanted to something creative so I pooped on toilet seat because I didn't feel like lifting it up, then I pulled my jeans back up and I felt like sitting down so I sat on the toilet seat. Or rather, I sat on the pile of **** I had just done on the toilet seat. OMG that was hot. You should have smelled it! Hugs and love to Mr K xxxx

OK so now there's no edit button so I can't correct my typos any more. No tippex.

You should definitely try it, it's awesome believe me. I haven't forgotten you either love! Give the little critter a little pat from uncle Al too, and write soon!

Hey why do you come on to these websites then if you think it is nasty i love pooping and peeing my pants

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I poop my pants I have I b s and now I their adult nappies

I do, but it's a **** to clean.

i do

Warm and mushy hot and gooey

I poop my pants 2

Well the girl friend did it yesterday she made a large poop and it was added to the all ready full pants this morning I spent two hours in her mess and my own...What a wonderful way to live!!

Dear girl what happened to you to get you to start fantasizing about pooping your pants? This subject is so interesting as you know. I like you had been fantasizing about pooping my pants for many years before I finally fell pry to me inner diseires! hear is what happened the first time I did it I can tell you the reason I got into this later if your interested. I wanted to tell you that my first time pooping in my pants after many years of fantasizing about it I finally got the nerve to give it a try I was young around 13 I put some TP in my pants and pulled them up and let my self go in my tight pants. Well the feeling was WONDERFUL I was relaxing my self and falling pry to its tingeing and throbbing sensation in my pants and around my *** and balls when all the sudden I got this thrilling feeling like I was going to pee or something I did not know what until I suddenly had my first ******! WOW this was earth shaking and unbelievable! I was in love with my first lover my poop and at that moment I know it was much more then just a normal thing we all do but it was a SEXUAL thing and it has been for over 37 years!! I'm so blessed to enjoy something that is so natural and a gift from our body's each day. And to explore this with your lover is even better! Now as we all know its very hard to meet that right person that wants to explore this with you as well we all need a loved that wants to let things go and relax and enjoy the wonderful things out body's can off us.

I like to poop myself and sit in it. I always make sure I hold having to poop all day so when I unload there's a LOT. I'll usually wear two underwear so that it doesn't get out, then I sit in it all day. I don't live alone, so if no ones here then all the more perfect; I can sit in my poop all day! But if someone is home, then I end up cleaning myself up. But yes I like to poop myself and sit in it!

i poo

I have been doing this for so long I feel its just the way it should be as well I used to get off on it when I was just starting to enjoy this but your right its just normal to me now. My female friends is very understanding and will also let her self go in her pants as well. We have a very wonderful relationship together pooping and peeing in out pants together.We enjoy long rids in the car willed with each others poop in our pants that is very warm and loving to say the least..

Well the girl friend did it yesterday she made a large poop and it was added to the all ready full pants this morning I spent two hours in her mess and my own...What a wonderful way to live!!

i love to poop my school uniform!


pants are made to be pooped would be hell if i could not use my pants as my toilet. besides sitting down would be borring

i wish i coud poop my pants in my house but im afraid my parents will find out im nine

me too ! i peed my pants once and then hid them until they dried

do you have any pics of you in your wet/poopy pants?

me and my gf love pooping peeing in our pants we both love to squsih it around all day we also keep in our pance when we go to the mall anyway gtg going to the mall see yall later add more caomments

i poop in my pants every time i feel the urge and i sometimes eat it i was never potty trained anyway i never change my underwear and here is something funny i ask for underwear for my birthday and man it feels good

I make makeshift diapers and I pee in them. Right now I am trying to poop so I can sit down and feel t all over my brthole