Actually Not Yet, But Soon

I've been a pantywetter since I was a little girl, and I now have a live in boyfriend who is really turned on by seeing me pee myself.

We've been reading wetting stories, together, on EP for a couple of weeks now, and have recently started reading pants pooping stories too. Now my boyfriend wants me to poop in my panties for him. He doesn't want it to be standing in the bathtub, or sitting on the potty with my panties up though. He wants to see me do it fully clothed, out in the back yard.No one can see us out there, and I have wet while we in the yard before. The main problem is that I had an accident in my panties at school in the third grade, and was really teased about it. So I'm a little hesatant to do it. But, I would do most anything for him, so I'm really thinking of doing it. He even says that he will change me and, if I want him to, he will poop his own pants if I do it.  Who knows, I might just like it.  What is everyone's opinion, should I do it? I guess one time can't hurt.

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yh i looooove pooping my pants so go 4 it!! x

Well, if you like it then keep doing it. There are plenty of us here that do it, some more often than others and we would all love to continue hearing your stories.

Another update. I pooped my panties again, and my boyfriend did it first. It was kind of funny seeing him straining trying to poop in his pants like I've seen my 2 year old nephew doing. I think I kind of enjoy doing it. I feel so naughty.

Idid it!. Yesterday afternoon was nice and warm. I held my daily poop until my boyfriend got homa from work at 3:30. I was already dresses for the event. A pair of my older cotton panties, some old jeans and an old sweater. I was already out in the back yard, when he arrived. I was kind of glad to see him, because I really had to go by then, and it was becoming a race to see if I pooped first or he got home. When he came out back, I went over and hugged him and whispered in his ear, I'm about to poop my panties. With that, I pushed and started filling my panties. He walked behind me to see the growing bulge. He reached over and felt my bottom as I finished, then turned me around to kiss me as he said, "Thank you sweetie".He had a bulge in the front of his pants nearly as big as the one in the seat of mine. I have to admit, that although it felt weird messing my pants, it was nothing like the event in the third grade. There was no name calling, only a sincere thank you. We walked around outside for a bit, then we went inside, where he helped me clean up and change my panties before taking care of his bulge. I believe that I will do it again in the future. Oh yes, ihe didn't poop his pants this time, but he says he will if I want him to do it.

I'm rather impressed by your willingness to pantypoop fully clothed as opposed to removing your clothes.

WE aren't talking about doing the deed in public as in where others will notice. Our home is in a very private rural area, and no one short of low flying helicopters will see what we are doing. Let's just say, I have a nice "all over tan"(Darn sunburned nipples hurt), and we have actually made love out there in broad daylight., so I'm not worried about it being out in public. As for my boyfriend teasing me, we have talked about it and my reasons for being apprehensive, so I don't think that would be a problem. I've also had some issues with self esteem due to my size. I've been called fat and other things a bit less polite all of my life, and he has never said anything like that to me, or anyone else that I know of. My user name is the closest he comes to calling me fat, and I kind of like it or I wouldn't use it here. We are also tying the knot soon, so he will be my husband instead of just my boyfriend.

Pleasingly I would let it rip! Well I have let it rip, actually! I will also caution you that the fantasy and the anticipation are generally better than the reality of pooping in one's pants. That is not to say it isn't enjoyable; the sensation of releasing a pent up, crying to escape, *** drool causing, poop is wonderful and doing such a naughty deed in one's pants is pretty hot! I suggest you give it a go! Let us know what you decide and the result!<br />
Enjoy!<br />