Started When I Was Young

As a young teen, when I had the house to myself, I'd figure all sort of horny games to play. I'd peed in my jockey underpants before, but finally got the urge and courage to poop in them, and I had to go!I can remember lining the jockey bottoms with tissues, then pulling them back up, tight to my bottom. Still feeling a bit nervous, I squatted and pushed. The poop wasn't soft, so I had to push more, even hard. Finally, rewarded with that feeling and that crackling sound as the first long pushed out, stretching the back of my jockeys like a tent until it got so long it broke as the rest came out.I relaxed some, amazed at what I had done, reaching back to feel the big bulging ball of poop. I had more to push out, so I squatted again, really pushing hard. Another shorter log came out and rested against my butt hole.The feeling was great, as I stood and walked around... feeling the poop ball bounce around back there, against my bottom. I had let my **** out the front fly, so that felt great too, walking around.I finally got the idea to sit and feel it squish and press into my crack. My cracking sound as it squeezed front and back.... then stood again, feeling the pile really stuck to my bottom.Needless to say, I was hooked... even after the tricky clean up before my parents got home.Anybody else with similar stories?
peathum peathum
41-45, M
Feb 8, 2010