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 The first time i pooped my pants was when i was about seven. It was just after church and my church had a big playground out back. I had to go during the sermon but the feeling passed of and I forgot all about it. A half an hour later I was about to go down the slide but when i bent over to go down  it just slipped out. It caught me incredibly off guard. Thankfully the only other kid was on the other side of the playground. Iran down the stairs back into the church and emptied the load in the toilet. One day when I was about 10 I remembered it and went into the bathroom and took a load out. The feeling was amazing and i did it many times after that. but one day my mother called me downstairs and she tole me to go when I knew that i needed to go because she fond brown spots on my underwear. lucky me that she did not know what i was really doing! i stopped until i was 12 and came up with brilliant plan that i could just put a paper towel that will separate my bum from my underwear. but of course every plan has its cons. I live in a 3 story house and me and my sister live on the top floor. I would always just flush the paper towel down the toilet. I always kept the secret from my parents and sister. one day when i flushed the paper towel the toilet got clogged and the plunger did nothing!! Luckily my sister was on a trip for a couple days. i just let the toilet as is  and the days went by. nothing happened until the day before my sister came home when the clog magically unclogged itself! I used to always wear tighty whities but i changed to boxer-briefes. now i just reuse my plentiful bounty of tighty whities. one time i layered all 16 pairs and put them all on and took a ****.


PS i want to wear diapers but i cant buy/smuggle them what do i do???? if any body has suggestions please comment

PSS Im only 13!

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I have my wife's panties, I'm a boy put on those tights then let it loose, and when she is not home I just leave it there for hours and hours, ah love poopig

Great story

I'm 15 but always up for a chat

message me sometime. im 13 too

same here ;)

like too change boys in diapers and who poo there pants like in class

Why dont you just use a towel? Im sure you can find some pins somewhere in the house and pin it up like a diaper. Thats what I did at your age. Cloth diapers feel much better when wet anyways


That's impossible, you would be living in a airplane, at that altitude. You mean 3,800 ft.! But now you might live 20 miles from the store?

well i cant get to a store because i live an a mountain that is 38,000+ feet up and it is at least a 20 mile drive to any store that has diapers soooo......