Mother & I Pooped While Hanging Upside Down

This happened this morning. Mother and I were hanging upside down from a wall bar, wearing our swimsuits. It had been an hour since we'd each eaten 6 bowls of chili for breakfast and were now beginning to feel the effects of our breakfast on our bowels. "I need to poop, Mom. What about you?" I asked. "Same here, Ann," she said. We counted to three and then we giggled as we pooped in our swimsuit bottoms. We showed our bulges to each other, then went into our bathrooms. We removed our swimsuit bottoms, threw them in the trash, washed our hands and butts, and put on fresh panties. We'd each enjoyed a nice poop. I pooped again while posting this some time later.
AnnPoop AnnPoop
22-25, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

You both an exiting girls you and your mother!

Sounds like fun. How often do you two poop together?

Once a day.

you should start wearing diapers and plastic pants with your mother and be incontinent

ha ha wow. That's fun. Anyone else ever poop with you?