In My Skinny Pants

I was home alone while my parents went to town so I put on a pair of tight compression briefs and my purple women's stretch skinny jeans. I went outside to feed the horses which means a 75 yard walk to a shed by the pen. I went inside to get the hay when a cramp hit me I realy needed to go so I quickly gave the horses the hay and I locked the shed when another cramp hit me. I knew i wouldnt make it but i tried, I got halfway to the house when a final cramp forced me to my knees and i pushed a huge solid log into my tight jeans. I could feel a large expanding bulge in the back of my pants luckly my jeans stretched and when I finished I walked back to the house and I sat in the load for a while. It felt amazing!
EmotionalRaven EmotionalRaven
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Nice job !