Pooping My Diaper

i wear diapers 24/7. ive always loved to poop in diaper science i was a kid it just turns me on. so verytime i have to poop i go in my diaper/ panties and i love to sit in it and feel all the poop squish on my butt and go in the frint and get all over my private area. so about a couple of days ago i ate a hole lot for a couple of days before that and was just waiting for that big huge poop i love. i was getting ready for preperation for the poop as i do always get a new diaper on and get into my position that works the best for me. witch is the doggy style position and let it just slide out and i usually sit in it for a wile mush it around and get all over the place and so thats wat i did and then i fell asleep in it and the next morning when i woke up i was still squishing it around for a wile then showered up and put another diaper on and i was fresh again. i also want to find a girl that loves to do this 2 so any gurlt hat lives near pawtucket rhode island who is looking for a guy who does this messgae me and we can meet up and enjoy pooping together and i will change you if u want
ilovemessydiapers ilovemessydiapers
18-21, M
Aug 1, 2010