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First Time With My Boyfriend

I had made Matt breakfast , he was sitting chilling , I was standing at the breakfast bar just drinking my morning coffee and browsing through a magazine , not reading , just covering my urgency . I hadn't been to the toilet for two days ,         on purpose !! How sweet the fullness of my tummy felt . I needed to go !!  but what a waste that would be . The thought of my impending accident was making me wet . My immediate wish was to get Matt's attention and gauge his reaction , this was still very new to us and I didn't really know if Matt was fully into seeing me mess my  pants .I began to make my "potty dance" more pronounce , I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, clenched my bum cheeks together and kept brushing my hand around my bum . At last he noticed , got up and approached me from behind . He rubbed  his hand up the back of my jeans, " does the naughty girl have to go to the bathroom ? " he asked in the quietest sexiest whisper in my ear . His breath on my neck gave me goose bumps . I was starting to tingle , I could feel my face flush as my arousal began to spiral . I shook my head in denial . I needed to go !! urgently , but my naughty voice was saying STAY !!  Matt cuddled me from behind , then moved his hand down to my kitten and  began to massage my honey pot through my jeans , he was sending my arousal level through the roof . My breath began to quicken and I worked myself against his hand with a slow  rocking rhythm I could feel my panties began to soak  . My kitten was dripping  silk , how good would it be to just             relax and feel that smooth sensation as my panties filled with my naughty goo . I wanted it to last forever, Matt was continuing his quest to get me to c umm . I wanted him to enjoy it as much as me , so I slowly placed my hands behind my back and crossed them .  I whispered " please " in my sexiest seductive voice. Matt knew what I wanted , he lead me to our en suite  . I stood shivering with excitement while Matt went to find some rope to bind my hands. Skilfully he tied me  , snuggly enough to I would never get free , I briefly tried, but in vein to attempt to free myself which  added to the exotic feeling of helplessness .  Then the blindfold , forbidding my visual world , he was in complete control as I fought to control mine . My senses sharpened by my blackened space , I felt him undo my jeans , lower them then insert something inside my silky garden .My little alien was back !! Matt was set to torment me once again !! He redressed me  leaving the little toy sleeping inertly deep inside me . I waited , for what was to come next , I was shaking in pure pleasure and anticipation , I felt him again place something around my waist . He had run some more rope through my belt loops , then between my legs , then back up the bum crease of my jeans and tied back to my hands . I was bewilded what was this for ?  I didn't have long to wait . My master whispered in my ear with a softness that shocked me " Im going to make you poop your pants !!"  Any doubts on how Matt was enjoying himself quickly disappeared .Now I understood , I was imprisoned in my own clothes , there was no escape now. I had to do it wether I wanted to or not . I felt the first gentle purr from the toy inside me . I moaned and swayed ,still holding onto my impending accident . I wanted my body to weaken all by itself and for me to have no control over my flower  and to have that sweet quivering before succumbing to the inevitable mass stretching my panties to their fullest . Matt was making me live my dream , to poop my pants in front of him .He began to slowly speed the toy inside me , it made me feel like wetting  myself, I was so close to c umming every nerve ending tingling  . I couldn't help it ..........I had to pee , I felt a warming rush , instantly flushing around my bum and down my thighs . I was p*ssing myself ,.pee poured down my legs .and puddled around my feet.................. then my moment                              I came !!,  Then  felt my flower quiver in vain then ........... CRACKLE !! it was loud , no mistaking the sound  as my poop filled my panties . It was awesome  , I pushed in pure relief ,my panties bulged inside my jeans ,my sexy messiness was spreading to cover my garden . I was hovering in or gasm , shuddering and stunned . Matt removed my blindfold and placed his arms around me , his hands began to explore the bulging seat of my jeans ,then he grabbed the rope he had placed between my legs and slowly began to tighten it, I felt my euphoric state return. I lowered myself in front of him ,now grabbing the rope myself . I kissed the front of his jeans , nobody makes me feel like this without a "reward" he unzipped and presented me with is man stick . Slowly I placed him in my mouth working my tongue around his head then taking him inside at the same time I was having my own pleasure pulling and releasing the rope between my legs , squeezing my panties contents into my forbidden place . I was going to c umm again , so I worked on Matt frantically hoping to get him off before me . I felt him erupt in my mouth , I pulled on the rope over my p ussy with as much tension as I could stand ...................... Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh  Im going again !!! .......................I knelt in afterglow , totally spent . Matt wiped my face , then helped me to my feet and untied my hands . I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him passionately . I love my guy !!  Matt helped me out of my wet and dirty jeans . I did my pre clean in the toilet before having a long slow shower . We just chilled for the rest of the day , we had just found a new and dirty world to explore together                  Cant wait to do it again
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Thats one of the most sexy storys iv ever read, thankyou :)

wow.. well.. i have a *****

You are so lucky. I Love ish someone would do that to me.

Great story, you are both very lucky to be able to share this pleasure.

Oh, how I envy you...

This is the ABSOLUTELY GREATEST story I head on EP..... Thanks

That was awesome. The way he controlled the whole scenario just made it so intense.

Great story!! I enjoyed a great big unintentional poo this morning coming back from airport when my bladder exploded. There was nothing I could do & it went on for ever. Oh what a relief!!

That sounds pretty awesome too!

so jealous, want to do this to my girl

Maybe she will if you ask her nicely :)

would you like to watch me ********** for you on skype?:)

you should change eachother nxt time

That was an incredibly hot story. Wow.... !

Damn, you're living a dream that most of us pants poopers/pee-ers can only fantasize about. You and Matt are both very fortunate people. Keep up the good work :) That was only first time, just imagine how you can expand on that. The possibilities are endless!

Loved your story keep up the good work x

ur a lucky woman

You are soooooo AWESOME!!! And so is he, of course.

I do so wish people would accept what others write here, without just wanting more. Someone always pipes up with something about pictures, and sometimes even vids. They should understand that those things should be offered, not asked for...

Ok, off my soap box...

Mmmm. You have such a lucky bf ...


I would like to do something like that with my girlfriend but I'm going to wait for the right time for her to find out

Hummm..That was good:) Thank you!

Holy cow i came tooo :)

A hottest story again. Please make photos next time :-)

Nice and exciting

You are soooo incredible