This morning, I woke up around eight and felt pretty energized compared to most Friday mornings. I got up, got on my computer, and ate a banana. While I was eating it, a lifted my right buttcheek and farted my first long, satisfying morning fart. It was wet, as usual, and lasted nearly ten seconds. I sighed with relief, letting my asscheek back down. The smell wasn't too bad, but I waved my hand in front of my face to keep my appetite. I decided to sleep in only a white t-shirt and some white bikini cut panties last night. **** bras, lol:P
Anyway, by eight forty my morning load was almost done brewing. Without looking up from my computer, I relaxed my back, and leaned onto my right side. I pushed a wet fart out, and then a few seconds later, the load started. It was a long, mushy log that steadily crackled into my panties, causing the right side to bulge. I switched sides, leaning on the right and crushing the beginning of the load. It smashed against itself, taking a turn for the left side as I continued pushing it in. The log ended, and I sighed quietly, farting again. It was very short wet fart with only three bubbles, which surprised me. I pushed out the last little bit before letting the weight of my gigantic *** back down. I crushed the load, making it make loud gushy noises and race for the waistband of the panties. Some of gushed out from the legholes, getting on the wooden kitchen chair I eat and draw at.
I paid no mind at all to my steamy mess for about twenty minutes before I decided a needed to shower so I'd smell good for work. I got up, the mass in my already tight panties shifting downward. I could feel the smears on my *** as I walked. I got into the bathroom, took off my panties, and turned them inside-out over the toilet. The mass of poop stuck for a second before falling with a loud splash. I giggled, looking at my *** in the mirror. Poop had smeared all over it, and trust me; there's a lot of space for it to be smeared on. I looked at the totally ruined bikini-cuts, a dark brown stain rubbed all into the seat by my ***. I washed them for a minute in hot water in the sink, and the stain faded about two thirds of the way. I threw them in the sink to sit in hot water before getting into the shower.
I went about showering, ripping a couple of farts. Then, I felt a big bubble slide down through my body. We all know that awesome feeling right before you fart really loudly. I leaned forward a little bit, scrubbing my stomach. I pushed, and ripped an incredibly loud, very bubbly fart that last for almost ten seconds.
Right at the end, a sudden gush of liquid diarrhea spurted from my butt and splashed loudly against the bottom of the tub. Some chunks slid down my asscheeks with the running water, falling and splashing quietly into the puddle around me. I felt a little turned on, but was too caught off guard by the sudden gush to act on it. I remained leaning, and pushed more diarrhea out of my ***. It got chunkier, exploding and spurting amidst loud farts. A little explosion happened, sticking a few chunks to the wall about a foot behind me. The rest of the liquid rushed down into the water, contaminating all the standing water of the bath tub to a dark brown. I farted again, a chunk of diarrhea falling out of my butt as it opened. The sound of the last little gush splashing into the water was all it took to turn me on enough to act.
I fingered myself, slow and hard, feeling the warm remnants of my diarrhea running down my legs. The drain clogged over the top with mushy chunks, but I didn't notice until after I finished ************. It had caused the very dark brown water to rise to about three inches deep, chunks and food pieces floating around. I sat down in it, submerging a lot of my butt. I pushed out a long bubbly fart, struggling as my stomach ran out of saved gas. It lasted about five seconds, bubbling up loudly through the almost opaque water. I giggled quietly, holding my hand over my butt as I fated one last time; a simple one bubble fart, but it was big. After that, I started cleaning the tub, rubbing my thumb over the drain. It minced the chunky diarrhea, making it rush down the drain. It took a good while to clean all of it up. After that, I stood up and finished my shower. Sadly enough, I haven't farted much since:/
It was still a neat little experience though.
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That turned me on so much
! Absolutely loved it.

Sounds very fun and awesome

this story is so sexy. id do anything for u to poop on me

I do that from time to time in the morning if I fill my pants with a big firm morning poop about 20 min later I'll have a huge amount of mushy to wet poop. If I'm wearing a diaper I just fill them up more but if not I'll finish off in the shower

I've pooped while bathing.

I would have loved to have seen you **** in the shower...

Loving it...<br />
<br />
... I love the poopy shower clean up after over filling my diaper, love to chat some time please add me<br />
<br />
Take care<br />
<br />

i just love this story i pooped in my tub before it was smelly =)

love it!

The first one seemed to have a great consistency

great story. you ma'am, know how to shower! :-)

always love a shower you come out of feeling dirtier that when you went in :)

Wow, great story. I've done the same thing before too, it's an awesome experience

I would be happy to smell your farts and **** and finger you to pleasure. It must to amazing whith your onderfully big *** to watch and feel your panties filling up;

This is one of my favorite stories on EP. Amazing. Thanks for sharing it!

Wow you have amazing farts and fetishes. I would have loved to smell them <3.