Pooping Outside

I like to poop in my backyard. I have done it 2 times and want to do it again today. I don't need to bring any toilet paper because I go to the bathroom to wipe. I like to pee outside too. I don't get caught doing either because no one really goes out there and we have 2 dogs that do their buisness out there. I don't see anything wrong with peeing and pooping outside. It saves water and it makes me feel free.

Have fun pooping and peeing!

zezzez zezzez
18-21, M
4 Responses Dec 29, 2009

I like to poop outside to.

I love to poop outside. I love to take off my clothes and go for long walks in the woods. When I am far from home, I squat and poop. It feels so good. I enjoy my nude walks and pooping in the woods.

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Gotta pee now!!!!!!!