Un Oh

ok for those of you who read my stories know that i mostly do this in public well so i got off work yesterday at 2pm so i went to my apartment my boyfriend put out a diaper for me so i put it on and was getting ready to go for a walk so iput on a pair of shoes & a bra went out with a diaper a bra and shoes on that was it so i walked about a hour and wet my diaper so people driving by notice my **** stain on my diaper and about five mintues later i felt a **** cooing on so i said iam already wet i should just go so i did people started to notice the buldge in my butt and somebody called police on me so a cop stops me says let me take you to get cleaned up i said ok so he calls ems they arrive and say to me you stink i said unoh so we get to hospital and the nurse changes me
smithdaniel8633 smithdaniel8633
22-25, T
Jan 5, 2013