So this is my first story on here and it is 100% true.
I got home from work about an hour and a half ago, diapered up (ABU Cushies cloth like cover) and started looking at ab/dl on tumbler. after a few minutes I decided to put three Fleet glycerin suppositories in and see what happens. Now i suppose i should give a little back story. Well I usually wear every chance i get but ALWAYS at night before bed! Lately I've been waking up in a soaked diaper about and hour before the alarm (and having to poop). So needless to say this morning was like any other, I woke up wet and just lifeted my butt up a little and filled my diaper with my morning poop. Now back to this afternoon...So once the three suppositories were in i looked at the clock and it said 3:00pm, I told myself that i was going to hold it till 3:30 no matter what or how bad the cramps were. Well at around 325 the first really bad one hit but i made it through it. As each minute passed it seemed like the cramps got worse by ten fold untill at 3:29, one minute before my deadline, I couldnt take it and gave one little push. Well now I am sitting here typing this and have a wet and messy Cushie on, the smell isnt too bad (i think because i pooped this morning too so its mostly thick water) But anyways I've always wanted to tell someone about me messing myself and now i have. (Just opened a leg gather and it really looks like mustard in there!! Oh well this is who i am and i love it!! thanks for reading everyone
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nice job, way to share! You do it every night?? Good for you :)