Right Now, There's A Log Pushing My ***

Well I must have seen most of the poop stories on here, but now I can add to them. I am hanging around on the internet been dying for a poo all day, but I want it to birst out and make me feel horney. I've been doing "experimental sh****ng" from when I was a kid, so I've done it in all kinds of ways + places. I have Y fronts just for the job (boxers just don't keep it in) ... so I've got thoes on already , then I get to that stage when I'm wondering what + where I'm gunna do it , does any-one else get that indecisive few moments when you can't decide how to poo but you know that it's comming soon ???
hmmm I've decided this time it'll be right here!!! ( I had to clamp my *** shut just now or it would have been all over ) ........ hold on I'll let ya all know how it goes ................ I can just hold on a bit longer to give you some tips ,  baby wipes can be used after sex even right in her crouch to clean her up (quite refreshing if they are cold ;-) they won't make you or her itch ether. Baby wipes can also be a good help cleaning youself when sh****ng where your not meant to.......... Hold on there's movement !!! .......... OH that was forceful I had a strong urge and I thought I could just let a tiny bit out to get the feeling in my pants but the whole lot birst out so hard I peed, if I hadn't grabbed the bin I'dv peed on the carpet as I pushed the last of the log out, wow what a bulge I 've got ( I don't normally sit in it as ceanup is harder but I am this time ) its not runny at all so I can feel the poo pushing against my *** as if it wants to get back in and oozing up to my balls as I lean forward, now I'm horny an I think its time for some **** to make me com' :)
ruffgitts2 ruffgitts2
Dec 15, 2012