Diapered Cousins:)

When I was a child I was forced to wear diapers for my bedwetting issue. Which was caused from weak bladder muscles and a tiny bladder. My mother was very accepting, and our routine diaper changes had become bonding time. I was completely embarrassed to wear diapers around my friends, but my cousin Tiffani was a different story. She was a frequent visitor to our household, and bedwetting problem was normal to her. Around 14 years old I started noticing her interest in my diapers. She started asking me an assortment of random diaper questions like, "What do diapers feel like?" To which I answered, "They are extremely soft and it feels like sitting on a cloud." She also asked me what it felt like to wet a diaper. I told her that it is unbelievably warm and comfortable as the pee spreads throughout the entire diaper. She seemed satisfied with my answer and asked if she could try on one of my diapers. I was ecstatic that she was so accepting of me, and also that she was interested in the exact same stuff as me. I agreed and diapered, following each of the steps my mother does, I poured a handful of talc baby powder, and strapped the diaper tight onto Tiffani. We decided to chill in our diapers and watch the movie Mean Girls. After watching for about a half hour, Tiffani told me she had just wet her diaper. I asked her if she enjoyed it and a huge smile immediately formed on her face as she said yes. I also peed into my diaper and thoroughly soaked it from all of the soda I had drank. After the film We changed each other out of our diapers and went to hang out in my room. We gossiped about some of the drama from school and in the midst of a conversation she interrupted me and asked me if I had ever pooped a diaper. I smiled and told her that it feels amazing.. Tiffani confessed that she desperately needed to poo but was skeptical about pooping in the diaper. I told her that she will love and told her if she does that I will. She looked at me and told me, "only if you do it first!" I took off my pajama bottom, squatted down, and began to push. I hadn't pooped yet that day and hard poop tented my diaper outward. Tiffani reached out and felt the lump and told me, "That's so cute Brittany!" I pushed out the remained poop and filled the back of my diaper with a very large amount of poo. My diaper hung down from the weight. I sat down on the wood chair at the desk in my room and wiggled my *** and spread the mess everywhere within my diaper. I told Tiffani it was we turn and she too pulled her pajama bottoms down, bent down, and clenched her fist. I watched as soft poop poured into Lucy's diaper. It completely spread throughout her entire diaper. She must of really needed to poop because her diaper was completely filled. She told me that it felt amazing and started playing with the huge mess resting in her diaper. She looked so cute wiggling her tush on my wooden floor. It was an amazing experience with my cousin and we shared several more throughout the years. Hope you enjoyed the story! Feel free to message me:)
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Hello, my name is Scott & I'm Incontinent and wear diapers also. I have to poop my diapers too now that I'm Incontinent & I love pooping my diapers now. I tried to message you when I saw you were online but I couldn't because I wasn't in your circle. : (

luv the story with your cousin - please add me

That's a really hot story. Do you smear **** all over yourself too?