Pooping In Plastic Pants/jeans

This is an old story, its actually two short ones really. The first story begins just after tia and i met, it was in the fall, and we had gone out for a walk, by this time we knew both of us had the poop fetish, what tia did not know at this point was my love of wearing rubber pants--well the plastic ones actually. Now this particular pair i was wearing was a beautifull pink bikini style with white lace trim around the legs and waist, and thats all i was wearing underneath my jeans no diaper just the plastic pants (you cant really wear them in the summer too hot), anyway like i said we was out walking.  Now halfway through our walk i decided to give tia a treat (sort of) i had been holding my poo for ages and i thought ok now s the time to do it theres a few people around to add to the thrill and i knew tia would go nuts he he.  I said nothing to tia but as we walked i quietly strained and grunted at first one or two farts---then slowely ever so slowely a big brown semi soft poo inched its way out of my bum filling my little plastic panties, i stopped walking and pretended to look at the scenery tia stopped and gave me a puzzled look "you ok hon--whats up?" she asked i stood there as poo filled my plastic panties allready i could smell the aroma, and any second now tia should get the whiff.  I smiled "come here" is all i said, she came closer still with a puzzled look on her face (back then it took her a while to clue into what i was doing lol) she stood next to me and then------"mells have you----have you--- i mean you didnt--- you wouldnt----would you?" she asked "did i do what?" i asked slyly  " hon youve messed yourself or did you just fart?" giggling i replyed "why dont you feel my bum?" tia put her hand on my rear and felt the squishy bulge "gees mells you pick the most weird times to do that, where can we go, your getting me worked up"  "well thers the back of my truck" i said laughing, tia grabbed me and led me back to where we had parked. Now she still had no clue about the plastic pants, as we climbed into the back of the camper i closed the door and tia jumped on to the bed exitedly undoing her jeans and taking her top off, within seconds she was down to her bra and panties and then smiling she got up and grabbed me and begun to undo my jeans all the time inhaling my aroma, as she puled down my jeansi  saw the expression on her face as she saw the plastic panties "jesus mells where did you get them from i never knew you could get adult size ones, there gorgeous and---and--- there turning me on" she slowely took my jeans right off and then very slowely and methodically explored every inch of my poopy plastic panties she buried her face in them sniffing them carresing them purring like a kitten licking them, all the time rubbing me,stroaking me and making sort of whimpering sounds, and then tia started to slip the poopy pants down to my ankles, i stepped out of them holding onto tias shoulders, all the poo was smeared in them my bum was smeared with poo and of course the smell, tia reached for the paper towels and begun the clean up---a prelude to our lovemaking.    It was while we lay on the bed after our hot love making session tia mentioned about a fantasy she had allways had, she had fantasised about a hot young girl who poops in her jeans no panties or bra just a pair of tight levi jeans,i  said nothing just laughed but it gave me an idear.       It was summer and very hot i had been planning this episode for weeks (actually the problem was trying to find the right kind of jeans for tias fantasy) but finally i found the pair i wanted, again we were out taking a walk around the calgary zoo funnily enough (yes i heard all the jokes about not taking the monkeys home madam) anyway we had eating lunch and was enjoying the sights and sounds of the zoo that day we actually got to pet an elephant it was so cool, but that has nothing to do with the story.  It was maybe an hour later that the urge to poo hit me, now we had eating a rather greasy burger and fries at the so called resturant and to be honest i got to wondering if maybe this poo might not fit tias fantasy, she wanted a girl to do a big hard poo the kind that bangs against your bum as you walk,. I felt my stomach gurgle i relaxed as i did i held tias hand and pulled her against me as i did i relaxed my stomach and poo begun to fill my jeans a soft mushy kind very messy and VERY smelly, not having any panties on the smelly mess slid down the back of my legs onto the grass, tias eyes went big as she realized what i had done, and it was one of the rare times where we actually kissed each other in public (not that were ashamed to do it, but why invite trouble right---in regards red neck city calgary) tias hands clutched my bum very tight smashing the smelly mess all over me "well did i live up to your fantasy"? i asked tia gave me one of her looks "and then some, but now you got me hot and bothered-----again"  "well there is my truck and camper near by" i said laughing, tia grabbed me by the arm "your a nut you know that, a class A1 nut, but i love you"  "any more fantasys honey"? i asked  tia thought for a moment "well there is one other one i have had, it involves------- and that dear reader is as far as we go.    A JOKE   where do policeman live?---------at letsbe avenue (lets be 'aving you--get it lets be -- oh never mind)
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Great stories. You write very well.

I said just today that I like each story you write mells, and this one is a beauty. One of your best.<br />
I said that about your last one. But each new story you write gets better and better!<br />
This one seemed a nice trip down memory lane for you both.