Planned To Be Naughty

Tonight, I was at a gathering with my boyfriend at his church. Normally I don't like going to church, since I don't like crowds or preachy people period or being told what to do or how to live. I was quite horny from my girl doing me earlier before my boyfriend picked me up. I was feeling the urge to poop when I was with my girl earlier & was so horny, yet I managed to hang on while she was slowly, gently & passionately fondling me through my clothes while we were cuddling in bed. I was so wet, horny & wanted sex so much but my boyfriend was on his way over & I started to feel spiteful. I was grateful for my girl for cuddling with me for an hour before my boyfriend came by. She also, had to go out with a friend tonight & was rushed, so I was frustrated about that too, since I wanted more cuddle time & fun in bed with her. I can *** for hours at a time & my sex drive is quite high for the most part. 

So he came by, I was already dripping wet in my panties, squirming uncontrollably & he noticed. He held me in his arms, passionately kissed me, rubbed me down, put his hand in my panties & started teasing me. He was in a rush to get to the church so I was still frustrated as hell because for a few hours now I wanted to have great sex & to have the time of my life with ******* all over myself etc. So my boyfriend kisses & touches me a few more times before we get into the car & head off to the event at his church. I was still wet, dripping & sexually frustrated while at the same time, needing to take a big poop. We get to the church & we greet his friends, some of them hugged me & we chatted a bit, I felt the urge to **** hit me again & I managed to hang on, while horny as can be. My boyfriend continued to grope me a bit & teased me in church as the speaker was giving his presentation. All I could think about was taking a big poop in my pants while so creamy & wet to the core! I started to grunt slowly & my boyfriend touched my butt & kissed me, rubbing my neck a few times getting me more turned on. I couldn't stop thinking about needing to **** & wanting to be naughty since I was feeling quite spiteful for not getting what I wanted: which was more sex on my terms & I didn't like being rushed either before hand. My boyfriend continued to subtly feel me up a bit while the speaker was talking. I then got up...

I quietly left my seat & went to the back of the church where it was quiet & peaceful. I was still dripping wet all over myself, feeling the cream all over my vagina, up my crack, on my legs, etc & was exploding inside for a ****. I decided to relax & gently pushed a warm load of poop into my pants & it felt so good. Luckily, I was wearing a couple of pairs of shorts under my pants so the poop can be contained nicely & it was. None of it leaked & it was not runny, it was like a thick tooth paste in my panties, all over my butt cheeks, all over my vagina, keeping me warm & quite excited. I continued to gush like crazy while I was pooping & when I was done I was still gushing, more excited, aroused to the point I wanted to tell the first attractive man that I wanted him to touch me! I was so tempted to do this, I came pretty close, but I kept my cool. I was enjoying the warm mess in my pants, gently squatting down & really enjoy & feel it all over me again in my panties, sensing the poop mixing with the cream in my panties & I was in heaven, in bliss, secretly. Then my boyfriend came to the back of the church & asked me why I was standing there. I was kind of blank & excited at the same time. He held me in his arms & kissed me, then he felt my butt & noticed it was hot, warm & mushy! I looked up at him with my round brown eyes staring at him & then I smiled at him. He looked shocked!! He looked disappointed in me, then he noticed the smell of my poopy pants. I started to grin uncontrollably at him. I was about to walk back to my seat with my filled heavy pants & he escorted me quietly out of the church. He said "Holly, you should be ashamed of yourself! Why did you poop your pants here? What's wrong with you?" He looked upset, while I was enjoying my naughtiness & I then enjoyed him being upset with me for some reason. He seemed to be earlier, having a great time with some of his church buddies while I was wanting sex from him, so I purposely was naughty & I loved every moment of it.  I continued to grunt with pleasure the whole time in a subtle way before & after I pooped my pants.

My boyfriend hugged me again for some reason & kept calling my name out, then he felt me again through my pants. I started to squirm again & he kissed me hard & rubbed between my legs. I continued to *** like mad in my poopy pants & loved it so much. The drive home was really something else too. Sitting in my poopy pants was strange I have to admit, but it felt so good too, warm & comforting. My boyfriend started getting annoyed with me again as we were driving home. I think he was resenting me because we left the service/presentation early because I pooped my pants & he was upset with me again. I still enjoyed being naughty & when we got home, he just dropped me off & took off on me! He said he was going back to the church to be with his buddies & to hear the rest of the boring presentation. I secretly hoped the whole church could smell my poopy pants! I was wanting to walk about smelly & to embarrass some of his boring snobby friends. Oh well, maybe next time! I cleaned up a half hour later after I got to enjoy my mess on my own when the moron of a boyfriend dropped me off. I look forward to doing this again soon!! I was glad I didn't tell him I needed to poop, I caught him by total surprise, mission accomplished! 



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I would hate you preaty bad too if you were my girl. This guy sounds a lot like me. But this story was hot and I liked it. You get a rate up.

Great story, holly!<br />
When I was together with you in that church, I would kiss you, pleasure you and squish the poop in your pants to make you happy...

no never

do you get a spanking when your naughty?

yeah thank you! I'd be happy to have you clean me up & do me really good after that or before that!

you can clean me up nicely and do me when I'm all cleaned up! That poop was huge, heavy & thick in my pants that day!! Too bad I couldn't stay longer & made everyone smell it! I wanted to ruin the whole service & to have some nice men want me & comfort me!

yeah he did that! He dropped me off with a mushy load in my pants & went back to his buddies, I guess it was his way of punishing me, what an *** is right! We are not going to be together much longer I don't think, we argue a lot & have an intense relationship. He is egotistical & can be controlling. We mostly get together now for a good old fashioned ****! He's good for ******* but not much else, but I can get that anywhere. My girl loves me & my friends love me, so I am not stuck for him! Hugs to you Bill! xxx

He WHAT?! He dropped you off and went back to the church?! Not a brain cell workin', Holly!

hell no!! If I do it on purpose & it's planned right, then I don't care what anyone thinks. I get sick of having accidents sometimes though, it's annoying. I have to not wait so long & sometimes it just happens at the wrong places/times. I love planning it well so I can let it go!

great story aren't you afrid of what people are going to think when you poop your pants

thank you!! I will post many more!!

i like your stories

I'm glad you liked it filledpanties! More where this came from!

Sadly hardly anyone noticed I did it anyway, only my grumpy boyfriend noticed! LOL! Maybe one day you will get up your nerve! xxx

Awesome story, i don't think i could do it in a place with that many people in it. Very nice.

I did enjoy myself tonight! At first I wasn't going to go to the church with my boyfriend, but I planned on going only to be a naughty angel! I loved it too! I was feeling naughty, spiteful & turned on all at the same time. I am not sure though, if half or any of the people in the church knew I pooped my pants. I am not sure if my boyfriend would tell his friends that. I was a bit disappointed that he just dropped me off & took off on me, not staying with me, maybe that was his way of being naughty to me, oh well. my girl is here now. I didn't yet tell her I pooped my pants at church with him. She's asking me why I am so quiet...glad you enjoyed my story! More to come!