I Pooped Myself In Highschool

My highschool years was the hardest on me being incontinect was hard enough but two have it both ways was a ***** . Having go to nurses office and tell them you need a change that you had accident was very embarrassing for me but to make it worse they always had check me and if i was just wet i aloud to change myself if i had messed myself they had to change me one of the nurses was a male and i swear he was as gay as gay could be and boy did he ever jump at the chance to assit me every chance he could part the problem was it a very small town the kind everybody knows your bussiness and my doctor just happened to be the schools doctor as well so no escape from his prescribed treatment with included my temptature taken and recorded this dose'nt sound so bad until he said rectal him and i and my mother discussed this in his office so i knew was going to in fact my dear sweet lovable mother made sure that she gave them 1 and yes she was often present during doctors exams she was always told she could wait in the waiting room and when he was done he would get but no not her she might miss something. so there it is i did poop my pant in school not on the way home or something but in school and everybody knew it and i was often teased about it and the nurse and my mother going in with me for a doctors exam

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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

That must have been a very difficult time for you,not to mention embarrasing,regards rubberdiv.

it was indeed a very difficult time and very embarrassing yet some how I thou it and it made me stronger thank for the support