It Was Fun

I did the first big mess in the 5th grade in my pants. I did it on purpose because I wanted my teacher to change my pants. Well she didn't change me but instead the nurse did. That was okay too because she was very pretty and I remember it felt good for her to change me. The next time I messed my pants in school was 7th grade. That was the first of many "mess accidents" (deliberates) on purpose all because I had a desire for some cute boys in my class to be my big brother and change me. I still want to be in the seventh grade again and fill my pants every day like I did back then. It wasn't everyday but at least twice a week I was at the nurses office with dirty pants needing changed. The rest of the week I was doing it at home. IT DEFINITELY WAS SUPER FUN! I got lots of ATTENTION! I was the boy in school that messed his pants! It wasn't always fun being labeled but I did have some friends that didn't make fun of me. They encouraged me to keep going in my pants.
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Sep 25, 2012