I Pooped My Pants In The Woods While Hiking

Ok. So you know that feeling you get deep down in your stomach, the one that hurts real bad, the one that tells you you will need to find a bathroom quick... O and isn't it a lovely feeling...

I was with a buddy of mine, he's 16, im 19 at the time. We were hiking in the woods on the hills behind our houses. We were pretty far out there, and we still had a drive back to the houses from the vehicles, which we were currently about a mile and a half away from. Well, i tell my friend i will need to find a bathroom soon, and funnily enough, he tells me the same thing. Now, we turned back and headed to the truck, hoping that we would atleast make it there, then we would brave all the bumps in the road on the way back... As we were walking back though, my friend stops.

Now, he has this look on his face, and i know the look, because right at the same moment, I had the feeling too. "If I take another step, I'm going to **** my pants man" My buddy said,, as he looked at me in horror. Neither of us, being stoned as we were, had remembered to grab toilet paper. "I know what you mean!" i said in panic, *** i got sharp pains through my stomach, and it suddenly felt like i had to take a huge fart. I knew better though, because what would come out would be not a fart persay, but something much worse. But then, as I looked over at my friend, he seemed to have started crying, and his face had turned red, and he let out a giant fart, which was coupled with crying moans from my buddy, and him grabbing his but to try and stem the flow of Diahreah that was now flooding the back of his Tight Blue Jeans, and FTL Tighty Whities. I said "O God!" as well, as suddenly, for some reason, the ability to hold back my bowels had escapped me, and I let loose a holy fart from hell, couples with squishy Brown poo, that was half Diahreah, and half solid poo. It flowed from my butt like lava. My friend had spread his leggs in the effort for trying to finish taking a dump in his White FTL Briefs. "Do you mind if i just finish in my pants?" he asked me, as he pulled them down, to reveal Diahreah everywhere around his crotch, his whole butt erea was soaked with diahreah, and he had started to pee his pants as well, and quickly pulled back up his blue jeans in embarrasment, only causing a very large pee stain to spread across them. "I told him i didnt mind, and assked him if he minded if I finished off in my pants too,?" he said go ahead, and he walked over an started playing mith my **** in my pants as i finished pooing in my White FTL Briefs, and started to pee my pants.

Luckily, when we got back to his house, no body was home. He offered me to use his shower, while he used his parents, and he gave me a pair of White FTL Boxer Briefs to wear, along with some pants. We both took showers, and hung out in our underwear for a while, laughing, and rubbing each others hard penis's...

PantsPooper09 PantsPooper09
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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I was hiking in the woods with a friend when I had the urge to **** too & ended up ******** a lot of mushy **** in my diaper & was embarrassed since it was not planned or on purpose, luckily this particular friend was supportive of me & took good care of me in all ways! The drive home was long but my butt was warm on the way home! Great story by the way! I enjoyed reading it!