Had A Brief Period Of Intense Pantspooping

I don't know if my story is especially unusual but for me things went like this :

I was about 10 years old and for some reason, I noticed that it was kind of pleasurable to hold my poop so i started holding it for more than a day at once. The feeling in my butt was nice. After 2 or 3 days i finally went to poo and since i had accumulated so much of it, it HURT a lot coming out! Strangey, instead of teaching me that it wasn't too good to hold my poo for too long, it encouraged me to hold it longer, because i started to be afraid that it was going to hurt a lot coming out. So i held longer. Then when i finally had to poo it hurt even more. So towards the end of this episode in my life I was holding my poop for a week.

I was constantly crossing my legs and trying to hold it in. I started to leak. I started to actually poop in my underwear at night and probably even during the day. My underwear became caked with thick layers of poop. My parents didn't say anything right away although they must have noticed something. I think they were bewildered. I was a very "bright" kid who made a lot of his own decisions so maybe they decided that i could handle this problem on my own.I'm not sure. I was getting rid of my fully caked in underwear by throwing them in bushes behind our house or trying to clean the stuff myself. I was trying to hide the smell by spraying perfume on by butt before i went to school. It made for a nauseating smell mixture. In retrospective I'm surprised that only a few kids actually made fun of me and not the whole school, because it MUST have been pretty obvious and smelled horrible.

Finally my mom couldn't stay silent any longer and she confronted me about the pants pooping.
What made it stop is that for the upcoming summer I was supposed to go visit our relatives and my real dad in another country. She said that If i kept with the pants pooping there was NO WAY that I was traveling! That's pretty much what gave me a kick in the butt. I immediately decided to stop holding my poop and to stop being afraid of pooping hurting my butt. The leaky underwear disappeared completely. I suppose that my parents and everyone else breathed sighs of relief.

Overall the experience was painful. It was not a fun episode in my life.

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That's one very smart mom.She made you understand that pants soiling is wrong for boys.I noticed that you acknowledged that it was not a very pleasant experience.I admire your honesty.zeiner wanted to know if there were any examples involving situations in which girls are permitted to soil their pants more than boys.And you provided that example. Also,debbiedoespoo pointed out,without getting into specifics,that girls generally get away with more naughty things than boys.Again,your story proved that.

btw, i didn't know if it was inappropriate to state this but here it goes : as i said i don't do pantaspooping anymore at all. But the whole experience may have left me a fetish, because i do LOVE hearing about women doing that stuff and i'd love to have a partner into it.

I DO think that it's sexier when women soil their pants deliberately.

it's pretty hard for me to get constipated. If i dn't let it out my body just keeps trying to push it out again and again lol

I'm similar; I think it's fun to hold it and anticipate it. I sometimes hold it until either: I can no longer, or the urge is going away and I'm about to be constipated. I wait only about an hour or so and then go while the urge is still there so that it's easy and let it out in the toilet.

When there's a strong urge, the body's trying to let it out, and it would come out on its own if the person does not control it. I understand that the body needs to get rid of it.