Oh ****

one day i was walking around at New York City and i saw a dog in the road. so i pulled down my pants and pooped on it. i heard a snap in its neck my poop just broke a dogs neck! so after that i went to walgreens and bought some lubricants and then went over to aeropostale and asked the cashier if he could apply the lubes to my anus. he was like sure anything for a guy with an anus. and so then i bought a huge spring and shoved it up my ***, took a pencil and cocked the spring so that my poop would shoot straight out. after that i made sure the poop was cocked and went back to aeropostale and said to the same cashier eat my ***, and shot it straight at his face. he was just like thank you anything for a guy with an anus. im serious eat my ***, and again he said anything for a guy with an anus. i cocked my **** again and splat splat right into his face. i learned how to do this from a dream i once had about a deer who chopped it again and whose wife shoved a spring up his anus and so now all that deers ***** take cross country trips. thank you for reading my wonderful story.

P.S. **** slides out easier with lubes.
eatmyass89 eatmyass89
Jan 9, 2013