With My Brother

When I was 10 my brother (who was 8) always had accidents when he was playing video games. One day we were both playing and I noticed he was squirming around. I asked him If he needed to go and he said no. 10 minutes later I started having to go so I paused the game and told him I was going to the bathroom but he persuaded me to just hold it in. A little while later I was really having to go and we were both squirming around when something started to smell. I asked my brother if everything was alright and he said yeah. I knew that was a lie but I didn't want to stop playing video games so I just agreed with it. But now I was really having to go. I decided that I would wait until the end of the game to go and when there were a few minutes left I felt a warm blob start to move into my pants. I pooped my pants with my brother while playing video games. About 10 minutes later my mom came in and changed us.
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2013

you should write in a little more detail

so your bro pooped his pants wile you were playing video games awesome, dose he always poop him self when he is playing video games or only when he is really in to the game

Only when he gets really into the game