Not Again

When I was 9 me and my brother went over to one of our friends house. We played video games for a little while and then we had to go outside. We played outside for a little while and my friend said he had to poop. Me and my brother said we did too. We played a little longer and eventually went back into his basement. We still had to poop. We were just standing there talking about stuff when my brother pooped. Then my friend did followed by me. We didn't tell his mom and instead just kept playing. About 30 minutes later she came downstairs to check on us. She smelt our poop and then checked our butts. Darn it, not again. She told us. She took us upstairs and pulled down our pants and took all our clothes off. We ran into the bathroom and started dancing and jumping around. Then she made a bath. We all got in and peed and pooped. While we were in the bathtub his sister joined us. We all sat around and played until my mom picked us up.
Pooper123456 Pooper123456
1 Response Apr 15, 2013

How did that feel to be in tub with girl?