Midnight Surprise

I randomly woke up around 12:30 (Central Standard Time) tonight. I don't know why I woke up, but my stomach was very upset. It bubbled and growled a lot. I laid still for about five minutes, trying to go back to sleep. I was wearing just a black bra and some matching black high-cut briefs. My stomach gurgled once more, and I felt some bubbles slide down toward my ***. Laying on my side, I pushed. Suddenly a long, dangerously wet fart ripped for about five seconds, not too loud; but very bubbly. My buttcrack felt moist after, and a few seconds later, a load was eager to get out. Getting out of bed, it almost slipped out. The pressure built exponentially, and I had to move quickly. Tired, I decided to do something I had tried recently.
I dug through my drawer, and found an old light blue thong. I dropped my panties, and pulled the thong on, only backwards. The whole time I was struggling not to drop my load on the floor. As I walked to the bathroom, I farted again, and poop threatened to fall into my panties. I tensed my buttcheeks, not wanting to spoil the show. I finally got in the bathroom. I lifted the toilet-lid, and sat down with my thong on backwards. I adjusted it a little so there was as much distance between the edges of the front of the thong and my butthole as possible. Then I tensed my muscles as though to hold back a load. A minute or two passed before I decided it was time. I leaned forward slightly, and pushed gently. A massive wave of diarrhea spurted into my thong. I found myself surprised at how chunky it was; large pieces amidst a liquid rain of poop. My diarrhea sprayed the front of panties, drenching them. They started to drip as I piled more poop on top of them. I could hear the drops hitting the toilet water over my wet farts. I remembered that yesterday I had eaten red beans and rice, along with chicken and gravy and three cookies. As for breakfast, I had a Sonic breakfast burrito. So naturally, the load was pretty chunky and thin. Every few seconds, another bunch of bubbles would pop amidst a steady flow of liquid poop. I felt my thong bulge farther and farther, and soon enough the expected happened.
I suddenly felt the front of the thong get a little lighter, and heard a big splash as the first congealed chunk of mushy poop fell into the toilet, the load too big for my thong to hold. Not nearly done, I pushed harder. Nothing but liquid came out, and then stopped as I farted another long, bubble fart. My stomach hurt really badly, so I pushed a lot harder. Surely enough, the flow started to come again, and a few seconds later an even bigger chunk of poop fell into the water with a louder splash than the first. The whole bathroom was starting to stink by the time I finally finished the main load about five minutes after I started. A sat there for another five minutes or so, little bursts of diarrhea happening ever so often. I also waited until my farts were dryer, as I was very gassy. On the toilet I must have farted at least fifty individual bubbles, accounting for more than twenty individual farts. I'd feel better and more relieved each second or so as another wet bubble would pop loudly and echo in the toilet.
Finally, I felt finished. I stood up, and as I did, the thong sagged down a little. A chunk of the load in the front fell onto the floor with a loud splat; kind of like when you drop a soaked towel on the floor. I looked down into the toilet, steadily starting to remove the thong. The water was practically opaque, with large chunks of diarrhea floating around. I was astonished at how big this load was, considering I'd just pooped six or eight hours before. My thong had some trouble, the congealed two-inch bulge sticking them to my ***. I finally go them off, and set them on the toilet seat. A big mushy load the size of a softball and a half rested on the front of them, and once it was free in the air the bathroom really started to stink. I sighed, then got to cleaning up.
After everything in the panties, and that had gotten on the toilet was cleaned up(which took about ten minutes), I threw away the ruined thong and took a hot shower. During the shower, a few very very wet farts came out of me, and most of them had a small spurt of diarrhea that just washed down the drain.
Now I'm here, and even as I write this I keep ripping dangerously wet and smelly farts. The back of these panties(my black ones) is damp:P
StinkyGoodnites StinkyGoodnites
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6 Responses May 12, 2012

you NASTY *** ************, fix your ******* body, jesus christ


You must have been eating a lot of fibre to produce this much anal gas,ma'am and you really produced quite load too.

Absolutely lovely story. I like how you put your thong on backwards.

Wow What a Hot Butt Explosion (and Mess) that was ;)

Yer girl that is of ******* hot I love it

Assuming you just asked or stated that I'm a girl; yes, I am:P

seems that girls can hold more poop in them. last night iwent to bed late and felt very full, i just got in bed and after 15 minutes of changing positions that were comfortable, itried laying on my stomach and that did it, the pain and oressure sent me to the bathroom in a hurry, just like you but not as much, it came out as liquid and solids, all in one big gusher..