It's Sliding Out

That's right, it is sliding out slow but sure. My favorite position to poop my pants is on my stomach laying on the living room floor watching TV and just giving a slight push and letting the number two do the rest. Today I really had to go because last night the dinner I ate was barking to exit me. I chose to let it land in my pants because I am an addict about filling my pants on purpose. When I was a baby in diapers, doing it that way was normal and allowed. After I was toilet trained, if I did it and I was caught I got a spanking. I sort of liked the spanking because I always did it when some of my friends were around so they would smell it and tell on me and then I would get the spanking... sometimes right where they could see me getting a spanking. Then of course I disappeared for awhile to get my pants changed. Afterwards I would return to some of my friends all clean, no bad smell anymore and in different clothes because the others were ruined with poop stains. Many things to be embarrassed about but I never was really embarrassed about them. My friends always got a red face of embarrassment when the subject came up about how I pooped my pants and did I like it. I did get teased by some of my friends about messing my pants on purpose. I was around 8 years old when I first started loading my pants that way. Anyhow, today I let it slide into my pants just like when I was eight years old. Gradually and slowly and my determination made it fall into my underpants. I was only wearing underpants and a tee shirt and I MESSED MY PANTS! Did I ever mess my pants! It was huge and felt awesome in there. Two very long, soft, firm long ones mashing together into my underpants. Of course I sat in it too. Then I stood up and the sticky load was half stuck to one side of my bum and the rest fell down and made my undies SAG! It can never be a total mess unless I sit down in it. Squishing it and staining my underpants. I am all changed now... had my shower and washed out my underpants... wearing clean undies and typing this story. It was soo much fun doing that and bringing back those memories when I was eight. Staring at my washed out undies reveals massive brown stains that will show off after the undies dry. I will probaly end up pooping them again and again and again until they are RUINED! Now I have to go peepee so I am going to go wet my new clean clothes. Bye!
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May 14, 2012