Did Another Bm In My Pants

It is unbelievable how big this long one is. It just kept coming out and eventually it snapped off and fell into my underpants with a big plop. Instantly another one followed, and it too was long and soft. My underpants are hanging down big time. Two huge long fat logs in there and some dribblers that were sizable as well. It pays to have a big dinner the night before and be a poop controller like me. I love controlling my s*** and waiting to have my bowel movements when I want to do them. Another day sitting in a big mess or BM or bowel movement. Of course I plan to sit in it and well I am going to do it right now. Up to now I was on my knees typing this , so wait and I will report the sitting in it...... OMG unbelievable ecstacy feeling as I smash down and squish this soft mass in my pants. I am standing up and half of the mess is sticking to my bum and the other half is sagging down my undies. I am taking my left hand and feeling the stuff on the outside of the undies and smashing it more with my hand. Eeeew, I think I am going to ********** right now. Yeah, I am squishing it and smashing it and my underpants are heavily stained with diarrhea-like poopy that I created when I started smashing it in there. I am going to get on my stomach and lay on the carpeted floor and rub my penis through my undies until I *** on myself. It happened. I squirted **** all over my pants and it is sticky and it felt terrific. Before I tackle the cleanup, I have to **** so I am going to wet these pants right now. I am in the tub on my knees wetting my pants. The yellow pee is dribbling on the s*** and the color in the tub is brown and yellow. I really love what I did. Sure wish someone cute either girl or boy was here to change me. What a mess they would have to deal with. Instead I am dropping my undies right now and placing them behind the toilet for all to see. I will be in the shower now so Bye for now. P.S. I love staring at dirty messy underpants that have multiple brown stains on them or like this pair that still is coated with bowel movement.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

That is one hot story. I *********** whilst reading it and now have a big load of **** in my sweats. Thanks for making this a great moring. :)