Load In My Pants

Yep, I have a load in my pants alright. Eeeww, it is huge and well when I get up from the computer it really sags down bigtime. It was so much fun messing my pants. I just stood up and got real still and started to concentrate on getting the mess out. I like to slightly push and have my bowel movement come out slowly on its own. Like if I was still in diapers and it was natural for BM to be landing in my pants. It always feels awesome when the first one comes out and coils up in the seat of my underpants. I always wear underpants (white) to s*** my pants. The staining is part of my rush especially after I squish it. I stood there and two medium sized round soft balls fell out first. Plop....Plop.... there was no resistance so they just fell in. After that almost immediately a longie fell out. The long snake started to come out and coil up in my underpants. Crashing into the two ball like turds and since there was some resistance it started coiling up. I could feel it doing this and the long log was finally falling down to one side scraping my leg before falling to the left side and resting down inside my pants. Yay, it landed and its a mess. It was on top of the round ball turds and weighting down my undies... but wait I had more to do. I could feel it. So I got still again and just gave it a more pronounced grunt push and YES I was doing it again. This one was a little "wetter" and not as firm but still a gigantic load. Just like being a baby letting diarrhea slide into your pants. No worries or cares in the world just it is time to let poop come out into my pants. Now I really have a bowel movement and I need changed. My recent blog on mommie girls... well this is where that starts from. Changings... mommie girls all pretty with soft hands and gentleness doing a load change. Sometimes just thinking about a pretty girl before I do my mess will prompt me to force it out deliberately into my pants.. pretending I will be getting changed by a pretty mommie girl. I stood up and it really hung down. It feels so awesome. I still have messy pants as I write this story and well clean up will be lengthy but since there is no mommie to change me, I will have to change myself. Too bad. But someday I am planning to do a load and wet in my pants right in front of a beautiful pretty mommie girl for her to pay attention to me even if it is negative attention. It will be another mess to clean up!
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Id love to change ur s*** filled pants