Poopy Pants

I woke this morning with a big urge to go no.2. I felt that it was going to be huge and I was right. I like to get on my knees and in that position start to grunt and push until it starts to come out. This is how it took place: GGGGRRRUUUNNNTTT... more than once and I was also pushing...PPPUUUSSSHHH. Then I could feel something coming out. I am dressed in just white undies that are rather tight. It's flowing nicely...meaning I am doing a long one. It gets to a certain point and it snaps off. PLOP...right down it falls and lands into my underpants. Now I am happy! I just dropped a mess into my pants but wait.... Here comes another one. Nice little push and wham-o ...another long one is dropping and PLOP... it falls into my underpants. I drop my undies to reveal that the second one cris- crossed the first one and it's a MESS! I get back to the kneeling position and start to sway back and forth making my poopy swing. Wow! this feels so awesome... I got poopy in my pants and I did it on purpose. I begin to walk around the house hoping for possibly a third one to fall down into my pants. I am a multi mega loader. I prefer a very heavy weighted down mess to have in my pants. So far having two good sized longies has made my pants sag but one more would make them really stick out and show a massive bulge not to mention make a brown stain be more evident. I walk outside in the back yard and then back inside. I drink some cola and that is the trigger. Here comes the final big one. I push and it starts to exit my crack. I also have to pee and I do some dribbling as the final one drops. Yay!, it is another long one. WOW! I am really loading and filling my pants today. I will not change this for hours. This baby boy is going to have poopy pants most of the day. For now I decide to pee in the toilet. I let a small amount wet the front of my briefs and then the rest goes in the toilet. I can't be a baby without having both in my pants. My fantasy starts with one of my roommates. He is in his 20's and hot looking. He has soft warm (changer) hands. I want to stand right in front of him and show him what I did. I want him to be my big brother/babysitter and change my pants. In this fantasy he does and it feels awesome.
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1 Response May 9, 2013

I agree. Totally hot and I always enjoy reading them.