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I was about 13 and became ill at school and got permission to come home the problem was travelling on the bus I became nauseous and was feeling really ill by the time we reached my stop. Ihad a way to walk and was walking home when the nausea hit again and I threw up. Theprobelm was I also went at the other end at the same time. A neighbourhood friend saw me as he was home from school for other reasons and offered to carry my bag and help me home. My mother wasnt home and I didnt know what to do and he asked if I had pooped in my pants because of the way I was walking and I said yes. He said better not go inside so we went to the back yard and he helped me take my pants and undies off and used the hose to wash my bottom. He got a towel from inside and I got dried and then eh took me inside and I lay down but had to get up again and rush to the toilet. I threw up and he held a towel behind me because I had another accident. Then my mother came home and said I needed a doctor so my friends mother drove us to the hospital and we eventually saw a doctor. I had been to the toilet a few more times and had to wear a towel not pants just in case of more accidents.
The Doctor gaveme a shot in my bottom and sent me home with some suppositories which I didnt like because my bottom was already sore.
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You were a lucky boy to have a friend like that, who helped you and didn't tease you.. respecting you when you were in a very vulnerable situation. Holding a towel beneath your butt to catch the diarrhoea while you were throwing up .. it's hard to imagine a situation more vulnerable than that. " A friend in need is a friend indeed.."

Ahh The same happened too me a few times<br />
dont worry,I even pooed myself sat on the bus<br />
I seemed to vibrate at every stop and for a 12<br />
year old to hold it all in was no to happen