Lump In My Briefs

I would wait until I was alone in the house and then lock myself in the bathroom cos I was VERY scared of getting caught.Usually I would use an old pair of briefs, I didn't wear any other clothes so I could better see the load forming by looking in the mirror at my ***.Sometimes I would squat over a small mirror on the ground, I just loved seeing the lump slowly forming.The feeling of my pants getting heavy and the smell and the fear gave me a big rush.Then I liked to walk around and feel it spread and see the stains coming through the cloth, with bits leaking and coming down my legs.I also liked to sit in it and feel the warm wetness.Soft **** was the best, it smelled much worse and it would run up my asscrack to the top of my briefs
Glowfly Glowfly
31-35, M
Aug 1, 2010