Always Pooped In My Pants As A Kid

I always had accidents when I was a kid. I remember I had to wear pull-ups until I was in kindergarten because I frequently pooped my pants and it was costing too much buying new underwear all the time. When I was 3 and four I always ignored the need to go to the bathroom and just stood there playing while poop was filling my pants, and next thing I knew I was being cleaned up and changed by my dad. I always like the feeling of being cleaned up especially when my dad was pulling my poopy underwear off me and looking down at the huge mess I had in my underwear, after that he would place the underwear in the sink and tell me to bend over to wipe me. I got to experience this again when I was 7. I had pooped in my pants again when I was in school simply because I didn't want to stop playing, so I just stood there and let the gigantic load fill my scooby doo underwear, I felt it make a huge solid bulge and I stopped pooping for a second, farted and finished. I felt the back of my pants and it felt almost as big as a softball. After that I just kept playing and went on the slide, when I sat down the load spread all over my butt and everywhere. I knew I was in trouble so I told one of the teachers and I was walked to the nurse. When I got there she pulled on the back of my pants and underwear and peered down at the mess and remarked how messy and stinky i was. After that she pulled a new pair of underwear, pants and baby wipes and led me into the bathroom to clean me up. She took off all my shoes socks and pulled down my pants revealing my underwear which was completely brown in the back. She carefully pulled them down my legs, I watched as she did it and the load was so huge. She put them in a plastic bag and pulled a bunch of baby wipes out of the container and told me to bend over and she started wiping me. While she was doing that she was explaining that I was a big boy and big kids don't make ca-ca in their pants and kept saying P.U. Your stinky, like I was a toddler. I liked having a complete stranger clean me up I thought it was great. After she was done she sent me back to class with a note to my teacher explaining what happened. I still smelled like poop though. After school I went back to the nurse to get my pants and underwear, which were tied up in a plastic bag, my underwear still had the gigantic dump in them. My dad was very upset with me when I showed him the accident. He made me empty out the poop into the toilet and wash my pants.
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I had a lot too. Sounds like those were back in the days when schools were allowed to change students instead of waiting for parents or whoever to come and get them or clean them up. When I was in preschool I still wore pull-ups and I always got changed by the teachers. Those were also the days when pull-ups didnt have the tear away sides like they do now so they had to change me standing up and slide the very poopy pull-up down my legs.