My Friend And I Did This

My friend Megan and I would poop our pants together as kids.
We liked playing house and we would check each others' pants to see if the other had pooped in their pants.

It was fun to know the other one had poop in their pants, and checking to see how much they'd gone.
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3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

When I was a kid, there was a girl in our road I used to play with - about the same age, 5/6/7 I guess. She used to wet her knickers, and sometimes poo in them, and she'd let me pull out the back of the waistband and look inside.

I never did join in (although I sometimes wonder if my wetting and pooping interests stem from that time).

I also wonder if she still does it.

Megan and I used to watch each other poop our pants, as well.

Are you still in touch with her?

Unfortunately, no. She moved away when we were in about third grade.

unfortunately - no :(

3rd grade- what's that - 8/9 years old?

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I'd love to play that game with you,sounds like fun!

Sounds like a fun game to play now!