Back Woods Pants Load

Growing up and while I was in the eighth grade ( 13 years old) found me many times with weighted down underwear because I pooped in it. My favorite place to do it was outside and about 1/4 of a mile from my house in the forested woods. It was on a deserted half paved road that at one time went to a government installation. By the time I friended the area, no one used that road anymore except joyriders and occasional bikers. The installation was still there but its entrance had been moved. That was good for me because I had total peace and quiet for messing my pants. Sometimes I would record on audio the sounds of the poop going into my pants. the crackling sounds that are associated with pants pooping.
One day it was a cloudy and drippy type of day and somewhat chilly out. After school I had to go poop and got all my school clothes off and put on my tighty whiteys along with some corduroys. got on my bike and rode to my spot. When I got there no one was around so that was cool.I placed my bike where no one could see it from the main road and I went into the woods. I dropped my top pants down to my knees and then squatted. I turned on the tape recorder and then started to grunt. I was picking up nature noises plus my grunting and then eventually the crackling and popping sounds associated with messing myself. As usual it was an enormous load. I did a long log that was firm but soft (longie) and that was followed with another one of same size. I was very happy... my pants were full. I raised up my top pants and they mashed against my underpants. I went to my bike and as I walked I could feel that stuff bumping into my butt. I got to my bike and before I sat down on the seat, I dropped down my pants to reveal my underpants. Wow! I had a load in there. Up they went and I sat down in all of it. A big squish!! I was sitting down in my poopy pants. I started for home and I would pedal while I was standing up .. then sit back down in it and pedal some more. When I got home I went into the back yard and layed on my tummy on the grass and started to touch myself. I *********** all over my pants then went into the house and changed myself. I had to hide those underpants after I washed them because there were massive brown stains that just didn't come out. My mom eventually found some of my underpants later on and I got spanked.
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Jan 9, 2013