Monster In My Pants

When I was in the seventh and eighth grade I messed in my pants on purpose in class and at home and in public. Teen years is when I had some of the biggest bowel movements ever. It was not uncommon to do 4 to 5 long ones at any given time in my pants. I would hold back my S*** and that is why my movements were so big. They were always firm, soft and warm and after sitting down in them I had a total mess in my pants. Sometimes I would sit on the toilet like I was going to poop in it but leave my underpants on and do the loads that way. I would also urinate in my pants so the pee would dribble into the toilet. Stains in my underpants was the funnest thing to stare at. There was memories of why that pair had stains. Looking at the mess still in my underpants made me very happy too. Walking around the house with just poopy underpants on made me horny. I was the "big baby" with the load in his pants. Sometimes I would put on my grey sweatpants and go into the backyard and stand with my legs apart and while my undies were already messed in I would proceed to wet myself. I was hoping the neighbors would see that I was doing that and everyone would now know I am a wetter and a pooper on purpose boy. Of course the urine would make a very large wet stain that everyone could see grow as I continued to wet. The back would hang down more as the wetness made the S*** drop even more. At that point it was change time but first it was ************ time. I loved to rub my penis against my pants maybe while on the grass or inside on the rug. Any way I would ********** into my underpants and it would feel so good. That was the beginning of changing time. Clean up was always hard because I had to hide everything. That is evrything!! My mom couldn't find out any of this. My mom already knew because one of the nosey neighbors told her about me wetting myself on purpose. She hadn't found out about the S****ing of my pants yet.
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Jan 9, 2013