I Pooped Myself Sometimes, On Accident

Well, as a kid I had like chronic constipation (which I still have). And part of it was due to me withholding stool. I would withhold because I like the way it felt and I didn't like pooping when I was constipated and that would make things worse, etc. and so forth.

My parents had a lot of trouble getting me to poop as a kid, with all the constipation and such. They would make me do "sit times" on the toilet and have me sit and see if I could get anything out. But a lot of times I would just refuse to poop and hold it in instead.

Well, sometimes all that holding wouldn't work and it would result in some not-so-good accidents. It would usually happen when we were out somewhere because they couldn't make go as easily and I didn't poop anywhere but home. One time I was a little constipated and had been holding it in and we were out somewhere and I think my parents knew I was holding, but they weren't bugging me about it. So, either way, it got to be too much and I could feel it starting to come out and I went off on my own a little (I was probably like 8, maybe 9) and pushed it out into my briefs.

Needless to say, coming back to my parents with a huge turd poking into my pants didn't make them happy. They knew that I had been holding for a while and were upset, but they really had no choice but to help me clean up.

Never really shared that before, so hope you liked reading it.
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2 Responses Oct 16, 2013

Haha sorry man, that must've sucked.

I used to get spanked just for having streaked underpants!