Because The Other Kid Did It In School

There was this kid, in elem. school who always love to poop in his pants after school, I had asked his sister why he did it?  She explained to me, that he didn't like to use thebathrooms at, school is because he was always bullied by other kids and by other class mates.  So, he started to s*** his pants on the home to his house.  I said, well how does your mother feel about it?  She doesn't, but she let's hm do it any way.  I said, well does he ever get a whipping for it? Sometimes, it just depends if it's a big mess na dhe has peed in his pants, too.  So, I asked him, how it felt when he did it, and he goes it feels like carrying a loaf of unrising bread dough in your pants, and you know what dough, feels like, and I of course said, "yes", well tht's what it fells, like?  Ok!, so, he goes, you need to try it sometime, and do it in your underwear, that way it will stay in your pants better, and it want run down your pants legs.   So, after giving it much thought, I had tried, that week-end, and away from the house, and did it in a pair of pants, that my mom was going to throw away.  I grabbed them out of the trash, and went out into the woods, and by the way, I took another pair of pants with me so, I wouldn't get caught.  It felt wonderful, and I could hear he crackling as it was leaving my a**hole.  I then started to it more often, and the pants and stories begin.  I loved to s*** in my pants, and underwear, and I experimented with about everything under the sun.  Like, long johns, pajams, swimming trunks, just plain old underwear, an blue jeans(my favorite).

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