In White Jeans

I really wanted to know what it felt like to poop my pants in public. So I went to the mall and I went to the bathroom to pee in the urinal, making sure there'd be no wet spot on my pants. And while I was at the urinal I pooped my pants! I knew the clock was ticking then, because I had a lump in my pants and I was wearing white jeans, so I didn't know how long I had before they turned brown in the back.

I walked through the mall to my car, taking the long way around, knowing that at any time someone might see the big lump in the seat of my pants. My heart was racing...and then I ran into a friend of mine.

Oh god, I was SO PANICKED! But I kept cool and chatted with her a bit, hoping she wouldn't smell me or see the back of my pants. We hugged goodbye and then off I went; she never suspected a thing.

I was almost out of the mall when I got brave and stood in line to get a burger at A&W. The line seemed to take forever, I was freaking out again by the time I got my burger, but held it together and made it out of the mall to my car. With my FULL PANTS.

I checked my butt in the side mirror of my car-- no stain! Then I put down a plastic bag on my car seat and sat in my mess, ate my burger, and drove home happy to know that I'd pooped my pants in public.
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You are a brave boy! It is so sexy to see white pants with a brown **** stain in them. I call my brown **** stains my BADGE OF HONOR.

That's great!<br />
Thanks for sharing. :)<br />
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I would like to do it in white skinnies (very thin fabric) without anything underneath with a visible hard-on, right in the middle of a grocery store or a mall, and I want to pee my pants after pooping soft mushy or liquid poop, messing myself during pee flowing down my legs and getting brown stains in my pants, watched by a nice girl...

Pottyjeans, you remind me of when I was in elementary school and I had my pooping accidents and classmates would see a stain in the rear of my pants and then report it to the teacher. <br />
You are brave to want someone to see you with loaded trousers especially with a brown stain on the back of your dockers.

When I was 16, and first got my driving license, one of the first things I did was poop my pants while peeing at the urinal at a Kmart bathroom. I then sat at the snack bar and didn't want to leave until someone said something. I was hoping to relive the experience of being caught in the 4th and 5th grades. Finally, I left. When I got home there was a brown spot on the back of my kakis dockers, but don't know who saw it and what they thought of a teenage boy with poopy pants.

Where do you find white jeans at? That's the only color i cannot find? Beside, pooping in white jeans would be awesome!