Diapered At The Mall

I like to occasionally go to mall wearing diapers, and see if anyone notices my diapers under my short skirts. Before I left for the mall the other day, I decided to double-diaper myself with two Cushies diapers. I love how they look & feel just like baby diapers, and they can be REALLY loud when walking. On my way, I stopped to get a large iced espresso, and by the time I reached the mall, it was gone. Before I could even make it inside the mall, I wet myself. Now I was walking through the mall in my wet diaper for about an hour without anyone noticing the crinkling sound of my diaper.

I made my way to Target at the far side of the mall, wetting myself again along the way. Once inside, I felt the espresso churning my stomach, but thought I would be fine until I made it back to the car. I went on back to look at the Barbie section (I still like to look at them) and noticed a young girl & her older sister in the aisle. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but I could tell they noticed the crinkling of my now soaked diaper under my skirt. Out of nowhere, my stomach started cramping up, and I knew I was about to poop. I started to make a break past the girls for the back wall & go poop my diaper in privacy at the back of the store, but it was no use. It started coming out & I squatted down like a little toddler & began helplessly filling my diaper in front of the two girls. Since my skirt was short, it rode up as squatted down & gave both girls a full view of me filling my diaper. "Look, Sissy! She just went poopies in her diaper!" the little girl remarked to her sister. The older girl just stood there in shock as I continued filling my diaper in front of them. My face was so red! As I began to stand up, I slipped and plopped down on my messy bottom. I began crying from embarrassment. From their perspective, I probably looked just like a little baby that just filled her diaper. They both walked away giving me the strangest looks.

I figured I should get out of there soon, because my diaper was already starting to stink. I got up & dried my eyes as I began waddling out of the store. My diaper was sagging well below my skirt by this point, so everyone got a view of my messy diaper as I left the store. My car was parked on the other side of the mall, so it was a very embarrassing walk (or waddle, really) across the mall in my sagging poopy diaper.
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4 Responses May 12, 2012

great story i did this recently too it was such a rush cant wait to do it again it would be double the fun to do it with a friend <br />
<br />
double the poop double the fun lol

Be careful with your poops.

I can believe that your mall trip are been exciting :)<br />
<br />
I pooped and peed in my diaper at mall too at last week :) I thought that my coat covered my diaper in my wind pants but when I went to home and took a few pictures, diaper showed clear in my pants :o Oops, a many people saw me that I wore diaper but nobody said anything for it.

Now THAT, must have been one heck of a thrill!