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I am sitting here reading and writing these stories, when I decided to just to poop myself on purpose, This is beginning to be and every other day thing for me.  I just do it, it's not that I am lazy, but what the hell, who am I hurting, it's not the furniture, and it's not you, and why should you worry about it, it's mine to do with what ever I want to do with it,  You, don't have to wash, or buy my clothes, so what's the problem.  Some one will find this offensive!  I do it because it excites me, and I love doing it, the only thing I miss about it is, I have noone to give me a real good spanking, for doing so?  I have, been known to poop in my pants at least three times in one day.  When, I was growing up, I use to be able to hold my poop for a week, and when I would poop my pants and some of you describe it as a samll log or turd?  Well, when mine came out sometimes they were as huge as a small tree trunk, and if I used the bathroom toliet it would stop up the toliet and my dad would have to unclog it, and then I would get yelled at, for letting this happen!  So, when it became time and I had not taking a goo old poop?  I did what I did best an that was to poop my pants or shorts, what ever I had on, and fill them up, and then i would hide out either in the basement of the house or out in the woods till I knew someone was not home.  Then I, would go in and change and take a shower or if they were home, remove the clothes and put on something fresh, and I always had clothes stashed down in the basement, and we had a water collection of some sort down there, too clean myself up, and to clean my butt.

In the winter time, when my brother was playing basketball, and mom was with him.  Dad was the one who would stay home, and as he slept, I would go down in the basement and poop in a pair of what ever I could find and poop in them, usely some of my old clothes, pj's, swim trunks, old blue jeans.  I had, a old bicycle that I would set on and pretend to ride, and when I sat on the seat it would push the poop all ove my butt and it would cover the front and back of what ever, jeans mostly, and then I would smear it and then **** myself, and then *** in my pants, and then I would clean up before my mom or dad caught me.  When I findly, got caught, it was by mom and she had found evidence in the spring, when she started to clean out the basement, she found the stock pile of dirty underwear, blue jeans, swim trunks, and a old sunday school suit of mine, covered in poop.  She called my name out and I came a runninng, and she beat the living hell out my ***.  I was ground for the whole summer till school started, and I was still in school when she found them that spring.  So, yes I poop myself on purpose.

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The real point is that you are hurting no body and you enjoy yourself! Congradualtions!!!!!