Last Weekend And This One Coming...

About 8 months ago I was out with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends. We had a good time dancing and drinking. He and I were getting a ride home with another friend when I really had to go pee and poo. He had me wear a diaper before going out because I almost always wet myself when I drink, but I really needed to poop too this time. I was wiggling in the back seat when he whispered to me 'Just go in your diaper'. I think I told him its more then pee and kept wiggling. We got to the apartment and just as I was getting out I let it all go.

I was squatting near the curb peeing and pooping in my diaper when he took my hand and led me up to my apartment. Along the way he told me he was glad I didn't do that in the car with his friends in there but also said I was in trouble. Once inside he had me take off my dress and lay on the kitchen tile. I laid there while he cleaned me up and then guided me to the shower. Afterwards he had me lay on the bed where he began to kiss me and I noticed he was really hard. He was so teasing me with his finger and then his d*** when he stopped. I so wanted it when he lifted my legs and swatted my *** a few times and said bad girls don't get rewards, they get punished. He then started to put a diaper on me. I must have really got mad and said something to him. Next thing I know I was flipped over and he was spanking me that way.

After a few more swats that way he turned me back over and diapered me. That's when I noticed he was mad. He said he can deal with me wetting myself when I've been drinking, but the pooping he was upset with plus what I called him. That set him off. I told him it was an accident (which it was). He also said if I do it again and it embarrasses him he would promise to call my mother and tell her. That was something I didn't want to hear. She would find a way embarrass me.

Well, this last weekend we were out having fun again. This time I made a mess while we were in the taxi coming to the apartment. We were about halfway home when I couldn't hold it anymore. The cab was very smelly and the driver kept looking back at us. I was so embarrassed and I know my boyfriend was. He told the driver that I needed to get home fast. He then reminded me what he said he was going to do if I did it again and embarrassed him. I got cleaned up on my own that night because I knew he was mad.

The next day I got a call from my mom. When I saw her number on the ID I think I wet myself right there. She didn't say anything about her knowing about the night before but did say she was going to come visit me this coming weekend. I asked my boyfriend if he actually called her and all he has said is that I have to wait until she gets here this Friday. That pretty much tells me he told her. I'm mad at him now and nervous about seeing my mom.

I will try to update this story next week if I'm not embarrassed to death....

Okay I finally got i done.  I know it is way to long but it is summarized.  Sorry.

My mom arrived at my house in the early evening on Friday.  I was ready to defend myself about what my boyfriend had told her.  She greeted me with open arms and never said a word.  We ate dinner and watched TV and chatted.  Nothing came up until she was going to bed. She said that she wanted to talk me about an important matter tomorrow (Saturday) and that we would 'deal' with it then.  I got all nervous about that and had several drinks before bed to calm down.  I fully intended to wear a diaper to bed but didn't.  
  I guess she was knocking on my door for awhile when she finally entered my bedroom.  She saw that my pj's were soaked and so was the bedding.  She woke me up and began to tell me I wet the bed.  That is when I noticed I had done more than just pee myself.  She must have also.    She asked me why I was wet and messy and if I was sick.  I should have told her 'yes' I was sick but I said no, it was just an accident.  She does not like that phrase because I always used to use it when I did something wrong.  She then began to bring up my teenage years and how she would punish me for wetting accidents.  I began to get nervous and started to cry.  I soon started to argue and began to cuss when she brought up how I needed a good spanking to straighten me out.  She just kept it up and I got mad.  I jumped up and shoved her back to get her out of my way because I was going to the bathroom.  She grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed and I got up again and I threw some things at her from my night stand (A book and a nail file), cussing her even more and I even told her to go to hell.   I then ran to the bathroom.
   When I was done cleaning up and done crying because I was ashamed of myself for being so mean to her I went to the spare bedroom and found her packing and crying.  I told her I was sorry for being mean to her but she had it coming for being mean to me.  She didn’t care much for that excuse and said it was very disrespectful for me to do what I did.  She was just shocked to see her 29 year old daughter lying in a soaking wet and messy bed.  She wanted to know if I was mentally and physically alright.  I told her I was and began to tell her about my desire to wear diapers to bed for necessity and for comfort and confidence during the day, and that I fell asleep last night before putting one on.  I mentioned that lately when I drink I also mess myself, hence the messy bed.  I had told her that I had a few drinks last night because I suspected that my boyfriend had told her about my pooping accidents and wanted to get me trouble.   She looked at me and I honestly believe she accepted my explanation.  This is very summarized because it took a bit of discussion.  She said she came to visit me because she wanted to tell me her sister was diagnosed with colon cancer and wanted me and her to go visit together.  She never expected to find out about my accidents this way.  She also said that I was old enough to handle my own fetishes and desires on my own and she would not ridicule me again about wearing diapers.  She just flew off the handle out of reflex.  I was relieved that she felt that way because I really hate it when she is upset with me. 
   Her tone changed after that though.  Her face had that un-approving motherly look and she said she has never stood for any of her children acting disrespectful in the past and she would not take it now.  She looked me square in the face and said “you deserve a spanking for the way you treated me… I don’t care how old you are”.  My momentary relief disappeared.  I felt like a little girl again knowing I really messed up.  I began promising that I would never treat her bad again when she was shaking her head and said remove the towel I was still wearing from the shower and bend over the bed.  I began to cry and jump around.  I eventually did knowing it would only make things worse.  She gave me ten or so smacks with her hand   It hurt but nothing like a belt or paddle would have.  I was crying but it was from the idea of my mom spanking me like a child.  I was not mad either.  I deserved it and I have realized that it was something I was missing to some degree. I promised her that from now on I would be nothing but respectful to her or she could punish me as she saw fit.  I should have never said that.  I know she loves me and only wants the best for me.  Afterwards she hugged me and said she loved me. 
  I got dressed and then she and I cleaned up the mess I made in the bed.  I’m so glad I have a plastic mattress cover.  The entire time she would ask me questions about the diaper wearing and the wetting and messing.  Never once did she say anything judgemental.  She said she just wanted to understand.  I was glad to help her because it made me feel like maybe I am not a freak.  I’m just different.  Her approval means a lot to me.
  I had to go to work for a few hours.  When I got home my mom asked if I wanted to go shopping.  I never pass on a chance to shop.  As we were going out the door my mom asked if I was wearing a diaper under my skirt.  I said no, I hadn’t had time.  She said she would wait while I put one on.  Kinda stunned I said okay.  When I came out she asked to see them so I lifted my skirt.  She looked me over, patted my rear with approval and we left for the mall. 
  We had a great time.  She got a few things.  I didn’t find anything I liked.  We went to dinner at an Italian place.  I did have a few glasses of wine.  She only had one so she drove us home.  On the way she asked me if I was wet because she noticed I didn’t go to the bathroom all day.  A bit embarrassed I said yes and I needed to get home to change before I leaked.  She almost giggled.
   We got home and I took off my diaper. We watched some TV, ate popcorn, talked and had some more wine.   After awhile we decided to turn in and when I got up I almost fell over.  Having a small body I don’t metabolize alcohol fast.  Noticing, my mom helped me to my room.  She asked me if I was going to wear a diaper tonight.  I said I better and she offered to help me put it on.  I agreed, partly because I was dizzy and partly because I really tired.  I changed to a nightshirt and when she was ready for bed she came in and I told her where my diapers were in the closet.  I ordered some Abena awhile back that I use almost exclusively since they absorb a lot.  I told her to get one of them and a Tena overnight maxi that were in there too.  I explained how to put the maxi inside the diaper for added protection.  She did and then put it all on me.  I fell asleep after that.  I never thought she would be so cool about all this. 
  The next morning I woke up early.  I took off my soaked diaper, showered and got dressed.  I packed for the one night we were gonna stay at my aunts.  We left as soon as we could.  It is a 3 hour drive so I wanted to get going.  We got there in the late morning and we all talked until the late evening.  We finally went to bed about 12 midnight or so.  My mom ensured I wore a diaper because an accident here would not be appropriate. 
   On Monday morning I woke with a horrible headache and my stomach really hurt.  I got showered and dressed.  I ate some breakfast but felt like crap.  I had the runs but my headache was going away.  My aunt insisted that I drink a lot of water and to be nice I did.  My mom knew as I did that I would have to wear a diaper on the trip back.  We wanted to get on the road by noon.  I put on my last diaper under my sundress and said our goodbyes. 
   The road back to my place is long and only a few small towns in between.  My mom asked me in every town if I need to use the bathroom.  Hindsight says I should have.  We got on a particularly curvy road and I was not feeling good.  That’s when I really needed to go poop.  My mom noticed my wiggling around and I told her I had to go soon.  There was not town for about 30 minutes and I told her I didn’t think I could hold it that long.  She said she kept reminding every town we went through and I kept say no.  The discomfort, newly forming headache and her voice were driving me nuts.  A few times I told her to please be quiet but she kept it up.  Soon it had to let it go.  I felt is filling the diaper front and back.  She pulled the car over and got out and came to my side of the car.  She helped me get out.  Right away she noticed the back of my dress was wet and stained and when I stood up it started to go down my legs.  I squatted down and it all kept coming.  She was cleaning up the car seat and laid out a towel over it.  I was crying when she told me I needed to take off the dress and put a shirt on.  She had me lay on the towel and cleaned me up with some of my baby wipes.  I was feeling pretty humiliated but I was glad it was her being there for me. I had to  put on some panties because I was out of diapers.  We got back in the car.  By the time we got to the next town I needed to go again.  We got to a Walgreens, where she was going to buy me some more diapers. 
   Here is where it all gets so embarrassing.
   I was almost inside the bathroom at the back of the store when I lost control.  I messed the shorts I was wearing and it was really smelly.  I didn’t realize they locked their doors and a C.S. person had to open them for you.  My mom went to get someone.  She brought this young sales girl to open the door.  I know she noticed what I had done but didn’t say a thing.  I ran in so embarrassed.  My mom said she would be back in a minute and left me to finish and clean up.
   When I let her back in she had a package of Depends, baby wipes and some running shorts.  She helped me clean up and change.  When we left the bathroom she said she needed to pay for the stuff still, but she left her purse in the car.  I tired to convince her that we could just leave the stuff there and go, but she got mad and said she had never stolen anything in her life and she was not about to now.  She told me stand there and wait.  Two ladies walked by while I was holding the opened bag of Depends and baby wipes and each one looked twice at me.I swear they wrinkled their noses too.  I didn’t smell it anymore but my soiled shorts, diaper and panties were also in open bag.  She came back in and took me to the register. I was trying to rush her and she kept shrugging me off.  I told her to hurry up and she snapped at me.  No one was in line luckily because the crinkling of the diaper was really loud.  We got to the cashier and she was looking at me.  She asked if we were going to buy what I had in my hands I finally said yes and put the stuff on the counter.  That is when I realized my soiled garments were wrapped up in the bag of Depends too.  I grabbed it all immediately so embarrassed.  My mom snapped at me and made me lay it all back down.  I was watching the cashier glancing at me as she was scanning the stuff.  My mom noticed too told her I was feeling ill and I pooped myself in the car.  I freaked out.  I yelled at her and told her to shut up and I moved toward the door when my mom said stop, she had to pay for the shorts I was wearing.  I had forgotten them.  She took my wrist and pulled me back and started turning me around looking for the price tag. That is when I noticed some teenage girls coming up in line behind us.  And they were staring as my mom was looking for a tag.  I shoved her back and told her she was embarrassing me and then she got mad.  She shouted at me that I was the one embarrassing her and that I better run to the aisle and find another pair of shorts with a price.  I did.  I just wanted to hurry up and leave.  When I got back up there I must have thrown the short at her and left the building for the car.  I stood by the locked car for several minutes before she finally came out.  I could see she was mad.  As she got to the car she shouted at me, that once we get home she was going to whip me good and again I said shut up to her out of reaction.  The teenagers were staring our way and giggling.  That was horrible.
  I rode in the back seat for the rest of the trip.  I tried to be nice, but she was not having any of it.  By the time we got to the house she reminded me about what I promised and told me to get in my room. 
   I was crying but I did it.  I knew I screwed up and was going to get a harsh one.  I was sitting on the bed waiting when she came in and asked me where my belts were.  I pointed to a drawer where she found my wide, white belt.  She went to the closet and got a diaper and maxi.  She told me to take off my shorts and lay on the bed in just my diaper.  Still crying I did it because I agreed to this.  She uptaped the diaper and exposed my mess.  Just like a baby she cleaned me up and slipped the clean diaper and maxi under me.  She had me hold my legs at the ankles in the air.  As soon as I did she started whipping me.  It hurt so bad.  She eventually had me lay flat and she finished diapering me.   I laid there the rest of the evening.  She checked on me a couple times but I didn’t want to get up.  Eventually I did and I went to apologize to her.  She accepted and we talked some. 
   For the next two days she stayed, we got along fine.  She knows now I like to wear diapers and I have found that I can learn from a good spanking.   She promised me on Wednesday when she left, that she would always love me but would never tolerate me disrespecting her.  I told her that our agreement still stands too. She reassured me that she would hold me to it. 

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I think both your boyfriend and your mom are abusive.

I would clean you up and never say a mean word to you about it! One thing though,I want you to poop your big girl undies!

nice story alot of feeling went nto how it all felt

I agree with everyone else, he went too far involving your mom. Him spanking you or doling out other punishments is fair game, but he is a bit of a ***** if he has to go tattle to your mom.

Sometimes I love him because he is so nice and wonderful but then there are times like these that I think I should. A lot depends on what was told to my mom, if anything. I'll have to wait I suppose, then make a decision.

wow,hes takin it a lil too far,should consider your feelings,<br />
in how he wants to talk about you,<br />
in what way,<br />
with whom<br />
<br />
not cool