I Pooped My Panties

ok so one day i was feeling in the mood to poo and so wuz my friend.  we were feeling naughty so we put on diapers and walked to the park.  i had not pooed for several day s so i coudl hav e and enourmous poo.  we had a pooing contest.  she went first i put my hand on her **** with the diaper on and i felt her poo come out.  it was quit a lode.  the warm wet mess came out she had on white pants so i could see her poo.  then it was my turn.  i didnt want to but i couldnt hold it i just relaxzed my body and the poo immiediatley came out it came out like crazy i couldnt stop it it flowed out of the diaper.  then she and i walked aroungd and showsd off our messy ***** and our poopy diapers.
browndiaper browndiaper
May 14, 2012