Messed Myself In A School Assembly

Oh man, this happened to me twice. The first time I was about seven or eight, and I'd overslept in the morning so had to throw my clothes on, have a super-quick pee and run to school (I only lived down the road.) Even by the time I got there I had to poo really badly, but I was shy when I was a kid and I was too embarrassed to put my hand up. Also I had ( and still have) something of a bathroom phobia, and I was too scared to go on my own! I sat through registration and first lesson with the cramps getting stronger and stronger until I was scared to stand up, only to discover that there was a special assembly that day! Still too scared to go to the toilet on my own and too embarrassed to ask anyway, I shuffled into the hall with everyone else and sat down on the bench. I sat there for about fifteen minutes holding myself onto the bench in an effort to keep it from coming out... and then we had to stand up and sing. I stood up and I couldn't stop myself. My body felt like it was acting of its own accord - I was just standing there petrified and embarrassed as I filled my pants. It was awful - of course everyone knew from the smell that I'd had an accident. I never lived that one down...
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wish i had seen it

That's such a cool feeling when it's an honest accident

I'm sure your parents had it in for you when you got home.

ugh! when i was in 8th grade, we had to take a huge state test. 1/4th way through it i had to pee and poop pretty badly. halfway through i could hardly take it and i asked to go to the bathroom. the proctor said when i finished, but i wasn't close to being finished. i sat down for another 15 minutes, and i had to go so bad, i stood up as quickly as i could, and as i ran to the proctors desk, it all started coming out. i was sent to the nurse to finish my test there, and then i was sent home.<br />
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that monday, i walkef into my 2nd period class, and that teacher wanted to try to make me feel better. (of course it didnt because she wasnt my proctor, so that means someone told my teachers!!!!!!!)<br />
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i started my freshman year at a different high school than my classmates because they wouldn't stop making fun of me. especially the guys. so embarrising

Have you read my long story. I dropped one on the floor right in a doorway. LOL. Detruser.

Wow, that had to suck. Luckily the only two accidents i ever had at school were when i was in kindergarten or 1st grade. I hope you at least got to go home after your accident.

I pooped my pants on the way to assembly once. When we got there, some kids started to make fun of me because they could smell it. I denied it, so they dared me to sit down. When I did, the soft poop was push up the back of my pants until some started to show out the back of my waist. Couldn't deny it anymore.